Yoga is Hobby that is unlocked after the completion of the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga?" and is only available for Michael. Repeated use of the hobby can increase the amount of time that Michael can use his special ability - slow down time while shooting.

It can be initiated either at Michael's House in Rockford Hills or at various places around Los Santos at a Yoga symbol on the map.

[edit] Gameplay

Approach the mat at one of the Yoga icons. Push the control sticks in the positions shown on screen and make sure to hold the positions steady, any slight change in their positioning can cause Michael to lose balance and need to repeat the steps all over again.

While in position, use the controller triggers as indicated to inhale and exhale after each step is performed, and then move the sticks into the next position. Repeat until the session comes to an end to get the full benefits of the exercise.

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