Trevor Philips Industries

This mission can be triggered by Trevor.

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow the C on the minimap which will take you to Yellow Jack bar where Trevor breaks up a fight. The bar tender says that Trevor is barred and the man he just won the fight for is her husband. Soon after, Cheng Jr's translator arrives and soon after so does Cheng Jr. Trevor takes them outside to his truck. Get in the truck and follow the objective yellow like to the Meth Kitching where Chef is. On the way Trevor will ring up Chef to let them know they are on their way, to which Chef tells them to hurry up because the Aztecas are on their way to get revenge on Trevor killing Ortega. When Trevor gets there he introduced Cheng Jr and his translator to Chef, then takes them to the side of the building and dumps then in the ice chest to keep them self while the fight between them and the Azteca's takes place. Trevor then goes into the building and takes a Carbine Rifle and heads for the top, front of the building.

Take cover and fire at all the members of the Azteca's. Make sure to kill them all as it will contribute toward the 100% completion objective Body Count. Chef will then head to the side of building outside to get a better view, follow Chef and continue to fire at the Azteca's. Be wary of anyone that slips through your fire as they can come up behind you via the stairs. Once they are all dealt with follow Chef to the back of the building and continue to fire. Half way though Chef will hand you a Grenade Launcher. Fire these directly at any vehicles that arrive with Azteca members inside. Once done, follow Chef to the front of the store on the ground level and continue to fire at any Azteca that comes through the doors. Be quick once they are gone as some will try to get away in cars, make sure to kill them before that happens.

After the fight has ended, head to the side of the building where the Ice Chest is and free Cheng Jr. and his translator. Once free they will leave, with Cheng's translator extremely annoyed.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Trevor dies

[edit] 100%

  • Body Count: Kill 32 enemies
  • Unmarked: Complete with minimal damage to health and armor
  • Scrap Man: Destroy 6 vehicles

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