Trash Truck

This mission can be triggered by Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

Use any character to head toward the Hs to the Mirror Park neighborhood. As you head toward it, you'll see it is a trash truck on the move. Stopping it is easy enough, simply swing your vehicle in front of it to draw it to a halt. Then pull the driver out of the cab and steal it. This will trigger a Wanted Level.

Use the usual methods in order to evade capture; taking sharp corners, down side streets and alleys. The truck isn't agile so the use of Franklin's ability will be useful (so it is recommended to choose him for this mission). His ability will also be extremely useful in completing the mission without damaging the truck to achieve 100% in this mission.

Another method is to dump the truck, find a faster vehicle and lose the police that way. The police are after you after all, and not the truck. Once you have lost your wanted level, return to where you left the truck and take it to the Covington lot by following the yellow route. Once there, place it on the desired locatation.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • the truck gets totaled
  • you are arrested

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete within 05:00
  • Undented: Deliver the trashmaster with no damage
  • In the Dust: Reach top speed in the trash master

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