Tracey De Santa

Full Name Tracey De Santa
Gender Female
Age 22
Born March 26, 1991
Birthplace Midwest
Height 5' 4" (1.63 m)
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Relatives Michael (Father)
Amanda (Mother)
Jimmy (Brother)
Status Alive
Tracey (Born March 26, 1991) is a character that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the daughter of the protagonist, Michael and his wife Amanda. She has a brother called Jimmy.


[edit] Background

Tracey is the daughter of Michael De Santa and Amanda De Santa as well as Jimmy's sister.

[edit] Personality

Tracey is shown to be quite a spoiled teenager, and seen fighting with her dad over the television remove control. She seems to prefer spending time with her friends rather than her family and shows dislike toward both her father and brother.

[edit] Media

[edit] Trivia

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