Three's Company

This mission can be triggered by Michael. Includes: Franklin and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Michael meets the FIB agents
This mission finally brings together all three protagonists in the game. Head toward the blue 'B' on the map to trigger the meeting with FIB agents Steve Haines, Dave Norton, and Andreas. Haines is the ring leader of the group and asserts his dominance by choke holding Michael when they first meet. He repots that intel suggests their informant, Mr. K, is being held at the IAA station. The Bureau want Michael to extract him after his efforts in "Dead Man Walking" caused them to increase the pressure on Mr. K to leak his information.

Follow the blue dot to Dave's car and get in. Once Dave joins you, follow the yellow route to the FIB-owned front company out is East Los Santos. En route, Dace will explain that both Franklin and Trevor will be in on the operation as well. He then outlines how the operation will work: Trevor will fly Michael in and out while Franklin provides cover from across the street.

Franklin and Trevor meet for the first time
When you arrive at Covington Engineering Services, Trevor and Franklin are already there waiting. Michael introduces his "Best Friend" to "the Son he Always Wanted" then lays out the extraction plan. As Franklin bikes off to bis sniper post, Michael puts on rappelling gear and joins Trevor in the chopper.

When control returns, you take over Trevor and fly the Helicopter. Use the controls displayed on the screen to pilot it. Follow the yellow dot on the map to the high rises in Downtown Los Santos, the dot marks the IAA headquarters building. Fly over to the west side of the building, where the dot is located and a short cinematic plays. Michael lowers himself down the building.

Use the controls shown on screen, as control switches over to Michael, to rappel down the side of the IAA building, when you reach the correct office a prompt will appear on screen (O on PS3, B on 360) to play the cinematic within the office in which IAA agents are torturing Mr. K. Another prompt then appears during the cinematic (X on PS3, A on 360) to smash through the window and grab Mr. K, but ends up in a stand off with three armed agents.

Michael takes hold of Mr. K
Use the SWITCH command to change perspective over to Franklin who is sniping on a building across the sreet with a higher powered Sniper Rifle. Zoom in and shoot as many guards as you can, making sure none of them kill Michael (and this failing the mission). After the first five agents have been killed, Michael swings out of the window with Mr. K. Keep switching back and forth between Michael and Franklin until all agents have been eliminated. It is worth noting that when a character is in trouble, their portrait on the SWITCH display will flash red. After the floor is clear another cut scene will play in which Michael is drawn back up toward the Helicopter.

As Michael gets into the Helicopter, Agency helicopters with rockets appear with gunmen aboard. During this time you have the option off all three characters. At the start you control Franklin, use his Sniper with zoom to shoot down as many enemy air units as possible before they pursue after Trevor. Once the helicopters get out of Franklin's range, switch to Michael and take down the remaining helicopters from inside yours. Alternatively, you can take control of Trevor and evade the missiles fired from the IAA Helicopters.

Once all helicopters have been taken care of, head toward the yellow dot on the map to Covington. You can choose between Trevor to pilot the helicopter yourself, or Michael to allow the auto-pilot to kick in and take you their itself. However, once you arrive back at Covington, you must switch back to Trevor to make the landing. Mr K claims to be a home theater technician with no idea what is going on. When you arrive FIB agents take him away in a McGill-Olsen Construction van. Trevor flies off with the chopper and as the mission ends, you take control of Michael.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Michael dies
  • Trevor dies
  • Franklin dies
  • Trouble is caused at the Food Court

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete within 07:30
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%
  • Kill 10 enemies with headshots

[edit] Notes

  • This is the first mission in which you get to play as all three protagonists
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