The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)

This mission can be triggered by Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

All 3 characters can follow the H sign that appears on Vespucci Beach. Trevor brings his cohorts, Wade and Floyd, with his partners Michael and Franklin. After Trevor detail the plan, Michael and Wade go off to get the wetsuits required for planting the bombs. Trevor and Franklin head downstairs to the car.

You control Trevor, go downstairs and get in the car with Franklin and drive to La Puerta Freeway bridge which overlooks the port of Los Santos. The destination marker is the yellow divider lines in the center of the freeway. When you get there, Trevor gives Franklin a thermal scope for the Sniper Rifle. Guide Franklin to the designation point as Trevor drives off.

Franklin in position
Walk through the green gate and descend the stairs to another destination marker. Armed with his Sniper Rifle, Franklin takes up the position with an unobstructed view of the SS Bulker and the docks below. A cut scene will then play showing Michael arriving with a small boat near the hull of the freighter. When Michael make his move, Franklin is prepared to cover him.

User the thermal scope to start picking off the Merryweather guards one by one, going for the headshot (12 are required to 100% the mission), being extra vigilant for targets lined up to take two out with a single shot. When the first two guards are down, Michael will board the boat.

You can switch to Michael to plant the bombs and freely switch between Michael and Franklin to eliminate the guards. "Critical Locations" are marked with yellow dots on the map where the bombs need to be planted. When Michael reaches these critical locations, open the weapon wheel, select the Sticky Bomb, and plant it on the structure with the "Caution" sign on it located in front of Michael. (an on screen prompt will tell you when to plant the bomb)

Michael planting the bombs
Now a second yellow dot will appear on the radar, however two red dots are nearby indicating enemies. Opening up your map will allow you to see their cone of vision, you'll see one looking in the opposite direction of Michael and another looking off to the side. First, switch back to Franklin to see if you can take out any of the guards with headshots. Then switch back to Michael, go into Stealth Mode (L3), and start creeping up the side of the ship. Use the radar map to locate and sneak up on guards for the stealth attack (6 are required for the mission 100%). When the area around the second yellow dot is clear, plant the stick bomb as before.

Work your way down toward the last yellow dot on the map. Switch to Franklin and use the thermal scope to locate any additional targets. Once clear, switch back to Michael to plant the bomb.

Noe sneak down to the ships left side and find the staircase leading up. Climb the stairs to find the hatch that automatically opens and plant the last bomb inside. Now you automatically switch back to Franklin. Carloads of Merryweather guards arrive and fan out around the dock, they spot Franklin on the bridge and start firing at him so be sure to take them out quickly. Also be cautious as a Merryweather Helicopter also targets Franklin so try to snipe the pilot as quickly as possible. When the dock is clear, Michael appears from the hatch.

More guards deploy across the boat, so help Michael via the use of Franklin of switch to Michael if a target is blocked. Keep doing this until Michael finally reaches the far side of the boat and dives into the water to escape.

Freighter tipping over
Open your phone, go into your contacts list and call the contact called "Detonate" then watch as the Freighter explodes.

Switch to Michael who needs to locate the crate. Swim underwater and in through the debris and listen for a sonar ping. The closer you get to it, the faster it will ping. The device can be found on the ocean floor; when you get close enough it will appear as a green dot on the map. Swim down and trigger another character switch, this time to Trevor in the sub.

User the radar blip to guide Trevor to Michaels location. When you reach the crate, guide the submersible directly over it to pick it up. Follow the new yellow dot that appears on the map where Floyd is ready with his crane. Once you reach the dot, be sure to hit the underwater ring marker to trigger a cut scene in which the sub is lifted out of the water.

Lester suddenly shows up with some unsettling news and takes the prize himself to hide it. As Lester drives off, the mission ends.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • Michael or Franklin die
  • The alarm is triggered

[edit] 100%

  • Headshots: Kill 12 enemies with a headshot
  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80 percent
  • Ninja: Kill 12 enemies using stealth attacks
  • Container Hunter: Find the container within 01:00
  • No Alarms: Get to the ship without being detected
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