Stunt Jumps

Grand Theft Auto V features a grand total of 50 Stunt Jumps located throughout the Los Santos and Blaine Counties that all three characters can attempt.

[edit] Who Makes the Jump

As you might have guessed, Franklin's special driving abilities will give him (and you!) the edge you'll need to master all the Stunt Jumps. It's worth noting that characters will receive a boost to their Driving Skill for every jump they complete, so you'll have to make the call over how you want these boosts to be distributed between Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

[edit] 100 Percent Completion

You only need to successfully perform 25 of the 50 Stunt Jumps to meet one of the requirements for 100% Completion for your current game. However, completing all 50 Jumps will also reward you with the "Show Off" Achievement/Trophy.

[edit] Stunt Jump List

Location Jump Landing Zone Tips & Suggested Vehicle
Vinewood Hills, north of Sisyphus Theater Dirt ramp jump over Baytree Canyon Road Ditch (or hills) on other side of road Starting off-road, use any fast vehicle to speed northeast down a hill from Mt. Haan Drive, where you'll pass through a shallow valley; steer slightly left once you reach the bottom to hit a dirt ramp which should send you flying across Baytree Canyon Road's two lanes. Your goal is to land in the ditch or the hills on the other side of the road.
La Puerta Freeway off-ramp Jump from sand pile with sheet metal Right-side of on-ramp below Use any vehicle that isn't terribly fast and begin heading south from the "Exit 3A, 4 East, Olympic Fwy Exit Only" sign on La Puerta Freeway. As you near the exit ramp to the Olympic Freeway, instead veer slightly right toward a sand pile with sheet metal, near where the left curve starts. Punch it to fly off the off-ramp, and try to aim your jump so that you land south of where you started on the right side of the on-ramp jump below.
North Calafia Way, Blaine County Jump across ravine Dirt road across ravine Use any vehicle and begin heading west on the southern portion of North Calafia Way, east of the bridge that leads south to Stab City. Your goal is to spot a dirt road across a ravine. Simply speed up and jump across the ravine just before the road curves left in order to land on the smooth dirt road on the other side.

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