Scouting The Port

This mission can be triggered by Trevor.

This mission can branch off in two directions depending on the approach chosen toward the end of the mission, this will also determine which Heist Set-Up missions are triggered. Opting for the ""approach will cause The Merryweather Heist (Freighter) and Minisub to be unlocked, or choosing the "Off-Shore" approach will grant access to The Merryweather Heist (Off-Shore), Minisub, and Cargobob.

[edit] Walkthrough

After the completion of "Fame Or Shame", Trevor gets a text message from Wade suggesting they meet as his cousin Floyd's place. Follow the yellow T to Trevor's safehouse in Vespucci Beach and head upstairs to apartment 7611. Trevor, at some point, questions Floyd about the Port of Los Santos (where he works) then distributes dockworker clothing to everyone.

Trevor using the Container Handler
Follow the yellow route to the west docks of Port City. On the way, Trevor learns that Merryweather Security Consulting is active at the port, guarding one particular Freighter and is boating in and out of the navy warehouse, doing some sort of mysterious offshore testing. When you arrive at the security gate to the port entrance to Pier 400, drive through as directed by the guard.

Follow the yellow dot that now appears on the map. The supervisor has a slot free on the cleanup crew at a waste spillage site, and Floyd pushes Wade to the front to take the job. Now walk with Floyd toward the blue dot that now appears on the map and be sure to listen to the conversation. Floyd points out the Merryweather Freighter mentioned previously and says that it is loaded with military containers that aren't being loaded. As you get closer, another supervisor tells Trevor and Floyd to get into a container handler. Climb the ladder on the side of the vehicle and get inside.

Trevor using the Crane
Read the controls that now appear on the screen that tell you how to use the handler. Two containers need to be moved that are indicated on the mini map as two small green dots. Drive the vehicle over to Bay B and line it up to the container labeled "ThiftEX". Lower the handle of the container handler and grip it, then raise the frame and follow the yellow dot to the bay loading area in Bay F. Once there, release it in the appropriate place. Follow the same instructions for the second container.

After Trevor dismounts the container handler, follow the new yellow dot that appears on the map to the crane and climb to the top. Yet another supervisor will tell Trevor to get inside the crane move some more containers. Approach the boss and Trevor will automatically get inside the vehicle. The goal here is to, again, move the containers from one place to another. Follow the on screen controls to pick up the two containers, levy them across the other containers and place them on then opposite side. Make sure to lift the containers as high as you can to ensure they travel over the others stacked on top of one another. After one has been moved, repeat the process to move the other.

Once done, leave the cab and start moving toward the yellow dot on the map to the end of the catwalk to get a good view of the Merryweather Freighter; the SS Bulker. Bring up your phone and use then Snapchat app to take a photo of it and send it to Ron. The pictures required will be indicated by instructions that will appear on the screen. Take a photo of the front of the ship, then of any guard onboard the ship, and lastly a long shot of the back of the freighter. Only once all three have been taken can you send them to Ron.

Trevor and Floyd trying to get past Merryweather Security
Climb down from the crane and toward the blue dot on the map, who is Floyd waiting in the Container Truck you loaded with the crane. Get into the drivers seat. Follow the yellow route to the Naval Warehouse in the south docks area. Reaching the check point will trigger a cut scene in which Trevor tries to bluff his way past the security guard and Floyd intervenes, however Floyd ends up taking a beating from the Merryweather Security team as Trevor steals documents in a briefcase and walks away.

As Trevor, continue to walk away from the scene and get in an nearby dump truck. Follow the yellow route back to Floyd's apartment which triggers a cut scene. Wade has returned from his job at the waste spillage crew and is covered in waste himself, but is sat on the couch. Trevor clears a space on the wall to plan the heist to steal whatever is inside the Merryweather Freighter.

Two different targets appear, first: a container likely below deck on the freighter. To get in, you need to blow up the ship and grab the contents from underwater. Second: an unidentified item being tested off the coast, for this you will also nee da large cargo helicopter.

Once the details have been finalized, either by confirming option A or option B, Floyd returns home all battered and bruised.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • Trevor's cover is blown
  • Damage the cargo crate

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete within 20:00
  • Employee of the Month: Complete without damaging the containers
  • Perfect Surveillance: Snap all 3 photographs of the boat as instructed
  • An Honest Day's Work: Complete without causing a disturbance at the docks
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