Random Events

Random Events are events that you, as the player, will randomly come upon while exploring Los Santos. These can happen at any time.

Event Name Location
Abandoned Vehicle 1 Grand Senora Desert
Abandoned Vehicle 2 Rom Alternate's Wind Farm
Arrests 1 Grapeseed, beside O'Neil Farm
Arrests 2 Senora Freeway, Ron Alternate Wind Farm
Bike Thief City 1 Little Bighorn Avenue, Rancho
Bike Thief City 2 Bridge Street, Hawick
Border Patrol 1 Mt Haan Road, Grand Senora Desert
Border Patrol 2 Tataviam Mountains
Border Patrol 3 Raton Canyon
Burial Paleto Bay, Blaine County
Bus Tour Alta Street, Downtown Vinewood
Car Thief 1 Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash
Car Thief 2 Exceptionalists Way, Los Santos International Airport
Chase Thieves City 1 Hawick Avenue, Hawick
Chase Thieves City 2 San Andreas Avenue, Textile City
Chase Thieves Country 1 Grapeseed Main Street, Grapeseed
Chase Thieves Country 2 Route 68, Grand Senora Desert
Crash Rescue Senora Freeway, Mount Chiliad
Construction Accident Calais Avenue, Little Seoul
Countryside Gang Fight Marina Drive, Alamo Sea
Countryside Robbery Route 68, Harmony
Deal Gone Wrong Chiliar Mountain State Wilderness
Domestic Wild Oats Drive, Vinewood Hills
Drug Shootout Mount Chiliad
Drunk Driver 1 Aguja Street, La Puerta
Drunk Driver 2 Armadillo Avenue, Sandy Shores
Escape Paparazzi Vinewood Boulevard, Downtown Vinewood
Gang Intimidation El Rancho Boulevard and Fudge Lane, El Burro Heights
Getaway Driver Corner of Strawberry Avenue and Forum Drive, Strawberry
Hitch Lift 1 Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon
Hitch Lift 2 North Calafia Way, Mount Chiliad
Hitch Lift 3 East Joshua Road and San Chianski Mountain Range
Hitch Lift 4 Great Chaparral
Luring Girl into Alley Supply Street, La Mesa
Mugging 1 Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry Avenue
Mugging 2 Meteor Street, Hawick
Mugging 3 Vespucci Boulevard, Pillbox Hill
Prisoner Lift 1 Grand Senora Desert near Bollingbroke Penitentiary
Prisoner Lift 2 Grand Senora Desert near Bollingbroke Penitentiary
Rogue Altruists Baytree Canyon Road, Grand Senora Desert
Security Van Heists Red circles on map
Shop Robbery 1 Eastbourne Way, Rockford Hills
Shop Robbery 2 Prosperity Street Promenade, Del Perro
Simeon Yetarian Adam's Apple Boulevard and Power Street, Strawberry
Snatched South Mo Milton Drive, Vinewood Hills
Sport Bike Thief North Rockford Drive, Richman
Stag Do Running Man Route 68, Great Chaparral
Altruistic Cult Shootout Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
ATM Robbery $ on map

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