Property 	Price 	Income 	Owner(s) 	
Towing Impound 	$150,000 	$500/per towed car 	Franklin 	
Downtown Cab Co. 	$200,000 	$2,000/week, Cab Rides are free for Franklin 	Franklin 	
Los Santos Custom 	$349,000 	$1,600/week, Car upgrades at purchased garage are free for     Franklin 		
Smoke on the Water 	$204,000 	$9,300/week 	Franklin 	
Cinema Doppler 	$10,000,000 	$132,200/week 	Michael 
Hookies  	$600,000 	$4,700/week 	Franklin or Michael 	
Ten Cent Theater 	$20,000,000 	$264,000/week 	Michael 	
Tivoli Cinema 	$30,000,000 	$142,300/week 	Michael 	
McKenzie Field Hangar 	$150,000 	$5,000/per Ground Mission, $7,000/per Air Mission Trevor 	
Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club 	Complete Hang Ten 	$5,000/week Trevor 	
Car Scrapyard 	$275,000 	$150/per scrapped car 	Any 	
Tequi-la-la 	$2,000,000 	$16,500/week 	Any 	
Pitchers 	$750,000 	$7,100/week 	Any 	
Sonar Collections Dock 	$250,000 	$23,000/Per Nuclear waste found Any 	
The Hen House 	$80,000 	$920/week 	Any 	
Los Santos Golf Club 	$150,000,000 	$264.500/week 	Any 	
Vespucci Helipad 	$419,850 	N/A; allows helicopters to be stored 	Franklin and Michael only 	
Los Santos International Hangar 	$1,378,600 	N/A; allows airplanes to be stored 	Franklin and Michael only 	
Sandy Shores Airfield 	Complete the mission Nervous Ron ; allows airplanes and helicopters to be stored 	Trevor only
Puerto Del Sol Marina 	$75,000 	N/A; allows boats to be stored 	All Characters

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