This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

The mission starts in Lundendorff, North Yankton nine years prior to the story in Grand Theft Auto V. 4 en are robbing a small bank. They gather the staff into a small room at the back and, when one tries to go for the panic button, one of the men stops them and hustles them all into the cupboard. One of the men then detonates the bomb on the locked door via the use of his phone and the four men proceed on through to the back of the building where the vault is kept. Once there, they gather up all the loose cash they can find. Upon exiting the vault one of the men is grabbed and threatened by a security officer. The officer takes off the mask of the man and it is revealed to be Michael. Saying that the officer will now remember his face, the prompt is initiated for the player to switch character to another man. Once the other man is selected, you then kill the officer with a headshot.

The four men then quickly leave the bank, blowing up the exit door in the process. Upon leaving the bank via the use of a garage, the police turn up. A fight sequence is then started and the second man, the one previously controlled to kill the officer, turns out to be Trevor. Once all the officers are dead they continue on to their getaway car. In the process of getting to their car, several more police cars show up and need to be killed.

Once in the car, the police start chasing. During the case the driver of the car is killed and then pushed from the moving vehicle where Michael then takes the driving seat. The control then hands over to the player. A little further up the road there is a road block and the car needs to get passed the roadblock before the train arrives. If successful a cut scene will start where they get clipped by the train on the back end, causing the car to be totaled. Abandoning the car, the three remaining men go into a bear by cul-de-sac where they find their helicopter missing. The third man gets shot by a sniper. A little while later, so does Michael. With Trevor being the only member of the team left, he goes on a killing spree as police officers surround him. He escapes, coming across an elderly woman in the process. Grabs her, asks her where the helicopter is, and when she says she doesn't know Trevor lets her go and makes a getaway.

The mission ends with what seems to be Micheal's funeral, but as the camera pans away, we see him in the distance looking on and smoking a cigarette.

[edit] Main Objectives

  • Tie up the guard
  • Move the hostages
  • Detonate the charges
  • Collect cash from the vault
  • Fight to the getaway car
  • Fly the helicopter to the designation spot
  • Hold of the police

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Michael or Trevor get arrested
  • Michael or Trevor die

[edit] Tips

  • If you aim your weapon at the hostages they'll move out of the way

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