Paparazzo - The Sex Tape

This mission can be triggered by Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

Head to the ? in West Vinewood and you will come across Beverly. He will say he is stalking this new American Sweetheart and know that she is currently undergoing not so teenage activities. He asks Franklin to follow him. Once at the house, Franklin takes the camera and focuses it on the teen and another male having sex. After a while the two realise they are being filmed and call for security. Running away, Franklin and Beverly jump into his car and make a getaway. However the security team and the teenage idol, who is actually 24, follow them in cars. It is Franklin's job to film her as Beverly drives the Car.

Beverly eventually takes a turn into a contruction site where the teen crashes her car. Franklin and Beverly get away and the mission ends in Downtown.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • Unknown

[edit] 100%

  • Quick Dip: Jump in the pool whilst following Beverly
  • Money Shot: Achieve full facial recognition during the chase
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