This mission can be triggered by Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow the ? on the minimap and it will take you to Beverly in Vinewood, Los Santos. Where he will be hiding to take pictures of a celebrity. After talking a while with Franklin, she comes out of the building and into a limo. Franklin and Beverly get on his motorcyle, a Shitsu PJC 600, and follow the limo. Get alongside the limo and alloow Beverly to take pictures of her whilst in the Limo. After a while a rival pap will arrive called Madison. While the limo is speeding off and Madison is taking the images, the motorcycle will not be able to catch up, so wait. After Madison has his pictures, Beverly will ask you to chase him and get alongside him to he can push him off his motorcycle.

Once Madison is off the motorcycle, you drop Beverly off at a café in Morningwood, Los Santos and recieve him as a contact for future missions.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • Franklin dies
  • Lose the contract

[edit] 100%

  • Smack Down: Ensure Beverly takes out his rival on the 1st attempt
  • Picture Perfect: Help Beverly snap and inspect 3 photographs
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