Paleto Score Setup

This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

The end of the mission "Minor Turbulence", Ron calls Trevor with the news that the FIB want to meet again. You can send either Michael or Trevor to the "B" that appears on the map, marking the location of Trevor's Meth lab on Joshua Road, Sandy Shores. Arrival by either character will trigger a cut scene: As Trevor and Michael arrive, the tension rises between them when the FIB arrive.

The Bureau suspects that an upstate IAA research lab is producing toxic products for less than savory purposes., and that Michael and Trevor will need to conduct a raid to retrieve the product. Agent Norton lists the equipment needed for the excavation but offers no funding to get them. Since they have no money to buy the items, they call Lester.

You control Michael after the cut scene has ended. Exit the building and get into the car and wait for Trevor to join you. Follow the yellow route to Paleto Bay. On the way, Michael will automatically call Lester who agrees on helping them scope a local bank in Sandy Shores. Listen to the exchange between the characters for the duration of the trip. Once there, a cut scene will play in which Lester arrives via Bus and all three of them get into the car.

Follow the new yellow route to the front of the Blaine County Savings Bank on Cascabel Avenue. After checking out the entrance of the bank Lester asks you to drive round the back. Follow the short yellow route to the parking bay round the rear of the bank.

Lester suggests triggering the alarm and see what kind of response is drawn. Get out of the car and, from behind it, shoot the alarm. Immediately get back in the car and drive away following the new yellow route that appears. Follow it the short distance across the road to the Xero gas station opposite the bank. Lester turns on the scanner radio to monitor the Police chatter. Four cars arrive within 67 seconds with more on standby - the response, he notes, is out of proportion. It includes setting up checkpoints with car-to-car searches and record checks.

Trevor gets out of the car and on to a nearby motorcycle. Start following him as a new yellow route appears to follow, leading back to Trevor's meth lab. You can choose between Michael and Trevor now and you race to the destination. The route leads around sharp bends and mountains, so Trevor has the advantage. However, despite this, Michael is recommended to pick up the information from Lester. Lester says that disabling the alarm is too costly and notes that the rural cops aren't trained like the LSPD and might fold against a well armed team. Reach the destination marker outside the Ace Liquor mart to trigger a cut scene: The crew enters the meth lab and sets up a planning board.

The planning is a long cinematic. Lester suggests hijacking one of the convoys carrying military grade hardware that passes by regularly on the way to Fort Zancudo. He then suggests a water getaway with Franklin piloting an escape vessel on Paleto Bay.

You can then making the choice as to who you want to be your gunman. Lester suggests picking someone good. Once the selection is made, Lester leaves to get the equipment ready and Michael offers him a ride. Continue to watch as Trevor finishes his meal.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Michael gets arrested / discovered

[edit] 100%

  • Leisurely Drive: Drive to the Blaine County Savings Bank within 3:30.
  • Winner: Reach the meth lab first with your selected character when Trevor takes off on the bike.
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