Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

This mission can be triggered by Trevor.

The mission "Friends Reunited" needs to be completed to gain access to this mission.

[edit] Walkthrough

This is a simple meeting mission that grants access to several other Strangers and Freaks missions. Follow the ? icon on the map in Vinewood Hills and walk up to Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill rummaging through garbage and a cut scene will start: Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill mistake Trevor for 80s action icon Jock Cranley. The British tourists are avid collectors of anything celebrity and are seeking "Vinewood Souvenirs" - items that once belonged to celebrities. After snapping a few play acting photos, Nigel asks Trevors favor in helping collect these souvenirs.

Soon after they part ways, Nigel will email Trevor with details of celebrity hotspots. This puts several orange circles on Trevor's map, marking areas where you can find celebrity items for Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • None

[edit] 100%

There are no objectives to fulfil.

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