Nervous Ron

This mission can be triggered by Trevor.

[edit] Walkthrough

Following the death of Johnny K in "Mr. Philips", the bike gang ransacked Trevor's home and broke his Status of Impotent Rage. To enact revenge on them he decides to blow up their gas tank. Follow the objective blue line to the Ammu-Nation store to purchase a Sniper Rifle, for Free, as well as the Advanced Scope and Suppressor attachments. Then head for their base. Once there, climb on top of the water tower and cover Ron as he goes and puts the sticky bombs, as ordered to get by Trevor when he went to Ammu-Nation, on to the gas tank. Trevor will need to take out a guard at the bottom of the building, three that come out of the building, one that comes from a van, and two from the side building with the sniper rifle. Once they are dead, take out the pilot of the helicopter and cause it to crash land. Once done, head over to Ron.

Once with Ron, the rest of the bike gang will emerge, having not fallen for the tactic of shooting the pilot of the helicopter to hide your presence and palm it off as a malfunction. Kill all of them and set off the bombs on the gas tank. Follow the blue line to the air strip and get on the wing of the plane that Ron is on. From there, continue to shoot members of the bike gang that appear on the runway until you get to Trevor's plane. When you reach the plane, get off the wing and into the aircraft and take off, following the on screen instructions. While the plane is taking off, one member of the bike gang will cling on to the wing, simply shake him off when you take to the air.

In the air, follow Ron to the drop off point. It is at this time it is revealed that the entire operation was to get hold of the cargo in the base for Oscar Guzman. Eventually Ron will notice a flare in the sea, go toward it and make the drop by pressing X (PS3) or A (360) in the zone shown on the minimap. Once successful, race Ron back to the airstrip. Park the plane in the holding bay and the mission is complete.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Ron or Trevor die

[edit] 100%

  • Headshots: Kill 5 enemies with headshots
  • Time: Complete within 12:30
  • Nervous Twitch: Win the race against Ron
  • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane: Fly under 6 bridges along the flight path
  • Death on a Wing: Kill all bikers while lying on the wing of the plane
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