Mr. Richards

This mission can be triggered by Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Switch to Michael and follow the blue "S" on the map to the Richards Majestic Movie Studio lot. Enter the building marked to trigger a cut scene: Michael meets Solomon Richards, a famous Vinewood movie producer. Solomon has a couple of problems; he's making a picture and the star, Milton McIroy, is holding out for more money and his director, Anton Beaudelaire, is having a "mental breakdown". Michael goes to help.

Get in a car and follow the yellow route to the destination in East Los Santos. On the way Solomon will call to report that the agent Rocco Pelosi, is a mob capo. Rocco has Solomon's people holed up at a warehouse he is turning into a nightclub. Solomon pleads to Michael to bring back his actor and director, but says not to kill Rocco.

When you arrive at the destination marker, watch Rocco arrive via helicopter on the roof of the warehouse. He usher Milton and Anton into the helicopter and goes into the warehouse to collect something.

Climb the fence in front of Michael, two contractors lean against a car with their backs turned to you. Veer left to the wall with the ladder and climb up it to the roof. Go into Stealth Mode (L3) and sneak across the roof to the contractor working on the rooftop AC unit. Take him down with a Stealth attack. If he spots you, you need to KO him before he can alert Rocco. Continue across to the ladder to the left.

The ladder leads to another roof area. Immediately duck behind the AC unit at the top and wait. Another contractor emerges from the green door on the right and moves across the roof. Wait until he turns and walks away from you then sneak up behind him and perform a stealth takedown.

Climb atop the big ventilation system against the wall then onto the next roof area. There are stairs running to the helipad. Move over to the wall under the vents near the bottom of the stairs. Soon another contractor steps out of the doorway. Sneak up behind him and take him out. Now finally climb the stairs to the helipad. When Michael arrives, Rocco approaches for a fist fight.

You can't kill Rocco so use the melee controls to punch/kick Rocco until you trigger a cut scene. Michael makes a new deal with Rocco who agrees to leave Solomon's people alone.

Get in the frogger helicopter and lift off. Michael's passengers try to protest but you can silence them by being "unsafe" with the helicopter by sharply turning, going under bridges, and moving the chopper side to side. Follow the yellow dot on the map back to the studio. Set the frogger down carefully (no damage is required for 100%) and follow the new yellow dot to Solomon's office.

Solomon greets Michael as well as Anton and Milton. Watch the final cut scene and the mission is complete.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Rocco becomes alerted
  • You die

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete mission within 10:00.
  • Silent Assassin: Kill three enemies using stealth attacks.
  • Can't Touch This 2.0: Take no damage during brawl with Rocco.
  • Perfect Touchdown: Land the Frogger without damaging it.

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