Minor Turbulence

This mission can be triggered by Franklin. Includes: Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

As Franklin, follow the M in Rockford Hills on the map after the completion of "Caida Libre".. When he arrives, Franklin will find he can't get in the house and call Michael who tells him that they are lying low after stealing Patricia Madrazo and keeping her captive. Ron reports a large Merryweather arms shipment that is on the move, and Trevor can't resist. Trevor leaves to intercept leaving Michael with Patricia.

Get in the car with Ron and head to McKenzie Field in Grapeseed. Get in the Crop Duster inside the hanger and get it airborne.

The arms shipment is aboard a big cargo plane that Ron reports is flying in a holding pattern to the West (marked on the radar as a blue dot). Fly straight toward, making sure you avoid Fort Zancudo and to fly low to avoid detection by the military air monitoring. Ron will let you know when you get too high.

The cargo plane is heading north. When you finally spot it start following it making sure you remain as low possible, and not directly over Fort Zancudo. After you get far enough away from the base, you are free to climb to match the Cargo planes altitude. You'll know when you can do this via the appearance of an onscreen instruction. Fly directly toward the tail of the plane. The pilot of the cargo plane will try to warn you off. As you get closer, the tail hatch opens so that gunmen can fire at the crop duster.

This open hatch provides you with an entry point, so fly directly at it. Make sure you bank to the side to avoid as much fire as possible. As you get close enough, a cutscene will play out: Trevor rams the crop duster right into the plane, clipping the ends of the wings off, and gets out.

Use the crates as cover from enemy fire and fight your way past all the guards into the cockpit via the ladder at the end of the tail of the plane. The pilot will be waiting for you with his weapon drawn. Quickly kill him and get into the seat to pilot the plane.

Use the buttons as indicated on the screen to pilot the plane. A new destination will appear on the mape as marked by a yellow dot on the radar - this marks the location of the McKenzie Airfield. Bank the jet around and head toward the runway.

A few seconds into the flight, a couple of fighter jets appear and open fire on the cargo plane. Although impossible to escape the fighters, climb altitude as high as you can in order to give Trevor enough to bail out. When the last fatal attack hits the plane, the scene cuts to Trevor standing in the cargo bay. Make your way to the open hatch and jump out. To earn 100% in this mission you can have come fun and get into the Jeep , the Canis Mesa, and drive it out of the cargo bay. Before you hit the ground make sure Trevor exits the vehicle and activates his parachute.

As you fall, focus on the Cargo Plane crash in to the Alamo Sea. Open your parachute and glide safely to the ground.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Trevor dies

[edit] 100%

  • Accuracy: Complete mission with a shooting accuracy rating of at least 80 percent.
  • Four Wheel Flier: Drive out of cargo plane in the Canis Mesa jeep; be sure to jump out of the jeep afterward in order to parachute to safety!
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