This mission can be triggered by Trevor.

[edit] Walkthrough

After the heist options are chosen at the end of Scouting The Port, Trevor gets a text from Wade to let him know there is a submarine available onboard the ship called the "Daisy-Lee" and provides a couple of methods as to obtain it. A Hs icon appears on the minimap, follow it to its location.

Once there, there are two different ways in which Trevor can take the minisub, however only one method will earn the 100% completion.

Option 1: One approach, and not the one that earns Gold at the end, is to board the Daisy-Lee. From the top of the staircase go straight across the main deck where the minisub will be hanging above via a winch cable. When you reach the seaward side of the freighter turn to the right and press the switch. Pressing the button will release the submarine into the water.

Option 2: The other approach, and the one viable to 100% the mission, is to not board the freighter at all. Move around the dock in which the freighter is positioned and set up at a spot looking down the length of the boat. Use a Sniper Rifle with a good scope (Advanced Scope is recommended), zoom in and shoot the winch cables supporting the sub. There will be three. Once all three are shot, the submarine will plunge into the water.

After either option is completed, dive into the water and retrieve the submarine. Climb on the top of the submersible and follow the onscreen instructions to enter it. Now you can control the craft.

Immediately dive down to avoid any police launches in the area and move forward along the Daisy-Lee, following the corner of the pier heading west. Floyd will be waiting at Pier 400, simply follow the yellow dot marker on the map. Once there, there will be an underwater marker (a yellow ring) which will trigger a cut scene: Floyd uses the dock crane to pick the submarine out of the water and on to a truck. Then Trevor and Floyd get into the truck cab.

Follow the yellow route to the warehouse. Pull up at the destination marker and get out of the truck. Floyd leaves the area, getting into his pick up and driving away.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Trevor dies
  • Trevor gets arrested

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete within 08:30
  • No Boarding: Steal the submersible without boarding the boat

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