Full Name Josh Bernstein
Gender Male
Died 2013 (Determined)
Business Real estate agent
Home West Eclipse Boulevard, Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Relatives Trevor
Lenny (friends)
Status Player's Choice

Josh is a character in the main story appearing in a Stranger & Freak mission, for Trevor. Suffering from the economy and rivalry of his ex-partner, Lenny Avery, Josh asks Trevor to damage Lenny's property in return for a promise to arrange a place in the Bilingstate Motel with a woman.

On his subsequent call, Trevor beats up Lenny after destroying his car and in return, gets another night with the same woman as before after which it is revealed that the woman is actually Josh's wife, sleeping with men so that her husband can afford criminals to crush competition.

In Josh's last favor and mission, he requests Trevor to burn down Josh's home so that the real estate agent can claim insurance from the company. After doing so, Trevor comes face to face with the police whom Josh tells that Trevor is responsible for the burning down of the house. Trevor can then either follow the escaping Josh and kill him or let Josh flee while he himself escapes from the police.

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