I Fought The Law

This mission can be triggered by Franklin, Trevor, and Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Send any of the three characters to the D on the map to trigger a meeting with Devin Weston and his assistant Molly Schults. Franklin is recommended for a more complete story as he arrives to the scene first. Devin explains that he steals rare cars from wealthy owners and resells them for huge sums to customers in Asia. Molly outlines the plan; pose as traffic cops on the Senora Freeway and steal rare sports cars from two trust fund kids.

You now control Franklin, get in the red hot Ocelot F620 and follow the yellow route to the gas station off Palomino Freeway. Upon arrival, a quick cutscene where Franklin challenges the two trust fund kids to a race and they speed off.

Follow the two racers as they head north and merge onto the Senora Freeway. Remain on their tail, you don't need to win but don't let them lose you. To get 100% on this mission, race through two trucks and two buses and use Franklin's ability at least once.

When you approach Grapeseed, Franklin automatically calls Trevor and Michael to alert them that they are on their way. Michael and Trevor, disguised as Motorcycle Police Officers,just off the freeway on Union Road. When the racers speed past, they follow in pursuit.

You control Michael through this chase. Follow the cars both marked as large blue dots on the radar. A 100% goal is to follow Trevor through the Braddock Tunnel. Stay on the racers as the road curves west past the Procopio Truck Stop and becomes the Great Ocean Highway. Don't drive by and shoot them, as they'll get spooked and you'll fail the mission. When the pursuit reaches Paleto Bay, the racers slow down and let you close the gap.

The racers eventually pull over automatically on the bridge over Cassidy Creek. Watch the cut scene as Michael and Trevor steal the boys vehicles.

Switch to whichever character you want, then follow the yellow route racing the other two characters back to Hayes Autos, Devin Weston's garage. This triggers the end cutscene and you learn that you still need to requisition three more cars for Devin before you paid.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Drivers get spooked

[edit] 100%

  • Tight Squeeze: Race between the two trucks
  • Bus Passed: Race between the two buses
  • Follow the Leader: Follow Trevor through the tunnel
  • Mission Time: Complete within 12:00
  • Split Seconds: Use Franklin's special ability during the race
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