Hunting is an activity unlocked by and exclusively for Trevor by completing the Strangers and Freaks mission of "Fair Game".

The activity can only be pursued during the hours of 05:00 and 19:00.


[edit] Gameplay

The idea of Hunting is to kill wild animals with the Sniper Rifle without them detecting you. This can be done by making sure that you remain downwind of your target, the direction of the wind is shown on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen via the HUD which will show you both direction and speed. In order to find your target you will need to use the Diaphragm, which will spawn a temporary red circle on the minimap indicating the general area in which the prey can be found; repeated use of the diaphragm will cause the circle to become small and more concise. To further ensure that the prey does not spot you, enter Stealth Mode by pressing L3 (push down on the left directional stick). Once the animal is dead, text a picture to Cletus and he will offer points and money according to the quality of the kill. He will also text additional objectives which will provide bonus points and extra cash.

[edit] Points

  • Bronze: 30 points
  • Silver: 60 points
  • Gold: 90 points

[edit] Ranks

[edit] Hunting Master Challenge

  • Rank 1: Kill an elk with a heart shot
  • Rank 2: Kill 2 elk in a row without a call
  • Rank 3: Kill 3 elk in a row undetected
  • Rank 4: Kill 5 elk within 4 minutes
  • Rank 5: Kill 5 elk in a row with heart shots

[edit] Nature Photographer Challenge

  • Rank 1: Take a photograph of a spooked Elk corpse
  • Rank 2: Take a photo of 2 elk corpses
  • Rank 3: Take a photo of a Boar and Coyote Corpses
  • Rank 4: Take a photo of an elk corpse and a charging cougar
  • Rank 5: Take a photo of an elk, cougar, boar, and coyote corpses.

[edit] Weapon Master Challenge

  • Rank 1: Kill a Coyote with a Shotgun
  • Rank 2: Run a over a Boar
  • Rank 3: Kill a Mountain Lion with a Grenade
  • Rank 4: Kill an elk without looking through the scope
  • Rank 5: Kill any bird with a Sniper Rifle

[edit] Available Animals

  • Elk
  • Doe
  • Coyote
  • Boar
  • Mountain Lion
  • Cougar
  • Bird

[edit] Reward System

Coyote 2 $10
Bird 5 $10
Humans 5 $0 (Hunting fails, giving Wanted Level)
Boar 3 $50
Mountain Lion 5 $25
Spooked Animal 1 $50
Road Kill 1 $5
Heart Shot 10 $100
Head Shot 5 $50
Neck Shot 7 $75
Rear Shot 2 $50
Leg Shot 1 $50

The money is also affected on the method used to kill the animal:

Melee 50%
Pistol 100%
SMG 75%
Rifle 100%
Machine Gun 25%
Sniper 100%
Heavy Weapon 10%
Thrown Projectile 10%

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