Hotel Assassination

This mission can be triggered by Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

After completing "Fame or Shame" take control of Franklin and Lester will call talking about "a little side work". Travel to the yellow L on the map in Del Perro Pier. Once there a cut scene will start in which Lester will explain how he wants to put out a hit on Brett Lowry head of a laege pharmaceutical company research group that paid off the FDA to approve an erectile dysfunction pill, and he wants Franklin to pull off the hit. He tells franklin that Lowry is staying at the Von Crastenburg Hotel in the Richman district.

After leaving Lester, get in a vehicle and follow the yellow line to the Hotel. When Franklin enters the destination marker a short cut scene will play out. After that Franklin needs to get in to position for the assassination.

45 minutes of in-game time equates to 90 in real time and on screen clock will count down 01:30 in the bottom right corner which counts down. The most obvious approach is to take out Lowry from the carpark a few stories up with a Sniper Rifle equipped with a suppressor and Advanced Scope once the count down ends and he comes into view. If you don't have a Sniper Rifle, stop by an Ammu-Nation shop before carrying out the mission (there is one along the yellow route provided on the minimap).

Another method, one provided by Lester, is to wait until the SUV opposite the enterence to the hotel is abandoned when the security officers enter the Hotel, and plant it with Stick Bombs. Wait until the security get into the car, and then later, Lowry, and set them off by pressing right on the D-pad.

Once the contract has been eliminated, leave the area. One method of doing so is going to the roof of the car park and jumping off the ramp at the far end, surrounded by building markers. If a Wanted Level has been triggered, lose the cops.

Once the area has been left, or the cops lost, Franklin will automatically call Lester to let him know Lowry is dead. Lester says he knows and reports that Franklin now has a new house and his stuff has been moved to Whispymound Drive in Vinewood Hills, this new house functions as Franklin's new safe house.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • Franklin's cover is blown.

[edit] 100%

  • Base Reward: $7000
  • Sniper Kill Bonus: $2000
  • Money Earned: Bonus + Base

[edit] Notes

  • The stock of Betta Pharmaceuticals will rise considerably after the mission. They are listed on the BAWSAQ exchange. Investing beforehand will provide a considerable return.
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