Hang Ten

This mission can be triggered by Trevor. Includes: Michael

[edit] Walkthrough

After "Monkey Business", send Trevor to the T icon marked on the map at the location of Floyd's apartment in Vespucci Beach. Go up the stairs and enter the apartment to trigger a long cut scene: Trevor finally meets Debra. When Wade arrives, Trevor decided to go and have some fun, and maybe find another safe house while they're at it as Floyd and Debra are a little too... dead to accommodate them any further.

Follow the yellow route to the strip club called the Vanilla Unicorn just off Elgin Avenue. Pulling into the destination triggers a cutscene in which Trevor sets up some "entertainment" for Wade and asks directions to the managers office. When he enters the office you automatically switch to Michael in his Rockford Hills manor. Lester calls that they're ready to discuss "The Big Score" and calls for a meeting at Trevor's new safehouse.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Trevor dies

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete mission within 04:00.
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