Grand Theft Auto V Online

Grand Theft Auto V Online
Release Date October 1, 2013
Platforms Playstation 3
Xbox 360
Grand Theft Auto V Online is the online game mode for Grand Theft Auto V which was released fourteen days following the release of the main game, on October 1, 2013.

It features unique vehicles and garage property. The gangs that were formed in Rockstar's previous game, Max Payne 3, will be able to cross over to that of Grand Theft Auto V. There are two types of crews; private crews that are playable exclusively between friends and can hold a maximum of 250 players, and Rockstar-created crews which will be open for anyone to play with an unlimited capacity for players.

There is also optional Microtransactions to purchase in-game money. Money that is obtained in multiplayer cannot be used in Single-player and vice versa.


[edit] Gamplay

[edit] Character

The character the player is during the events of Grand Theft Auto V Online is completely built from the ground up and demonstrates a high level of customization. You can now suit your player into any clothes found in the stores littered across Los Santos, give them tattoos, change their hair styles, etc all with money gathered from doing in-game events such as robberies and heists. Depending on the edition of the game purchased, certain players that appeared in GTA IV will be available; the only known characters are Nico Bellic and his son, who is currently unnamed.

Players are able to customize their players background genetically. Being able to choose the type of parents their character had and the parents the parents had and select which genes from each relative is the more dominant. Daily activities will also impact on the development of your character, this can range from recreation activities, to spending time with family, and stretches as far as illegal activities, all of which will heavily impact on the character created and the skills available to them.

[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Money and Life

[edit] Missions and Events

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Content Creator

Grand Theft Auto V Online features a "race maker" which allows players to make their own race courses for land, sea , or air. Currently little else is know about this feature.

[edit] Reception

The release of the online mode was fraught with connection errors and supply not meeting demand, with players unable to connect to the Online Mode as well as those who couldn't find other people to race with to complete the first compulsory Job where Hao gives you a car to race in. Some temporary fixes were given, such as going to Online > Join GTA V Online > Invite Only Session, however after the initial cut scene ended, the player was kicked from the game due to Cloud Server issues.

[edit] Trailers

[edit] Gameplay Trailer

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