Friends Reunited

This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Following the completion of "Crystal Maze" a neon orange(Trevor's house) T appears on the map, go to its location to trigger the start of this mission and initiate the cut scene in which Trevor discovers Michael Townley is now living under the alias of Michael De Santa in Los Santos after asking Wade to see what he could find.

Before heading out to Los Santos, Trevor wants to make a personal visit beforehand, follow the yellow route to the trailer park that Trevor attacked in the earlier mission, "Mr. Philips". Now a new gang has settled there, and on the way Trevor finds out Wade's cousin lives with his girlfriend is Vespucci Beach. Arriving at the trailer park triggers a new, small cut scene.

Wade gives Trevor some Stick Bombs and a pistol with a silencer, the goal is to plant the sticky bombs on the trailers indicated on the minimap as a yellow spot. Do this without being spotted, and it is advisable to go ina clock-wise route around the park as to make it easier to avoid detection. Remain in stealth mode as you go through the park, making sure to kill the bikers as they appear (killing 5 with head shots and remaining undetected helps to fulfil the 100% completion of this mission). The red dots, indicating the bikers, have cones to vision making it easier to avoid detection. If Trevor does get spotted, however, kill all the bikers, continue planting the bombs, get in the truck and detonate them.

Once the park has been destroyed, follow the yellow line to Los Santos. On the way there Trevor fills in some back story to Wade with the use of a "Troll under the bridge" story, replacing his name with Trisha and Michaels with Michele. Upon arriving at the first destonation marker Trevor gets out the truck and looks on the cityscape of Los Santos and a new objective appears. Follow the new yellow line to Wade's cousin's apartment in Vespucci Beach.

Follow Wade up the stairs to the apartment which triggers the end-mission cut scene: Trevor meets Floyd, Wade's Cousin, and his girlfriends apartment now serves as an additional safe house.

Michael and Franklin are now playable again.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Trevor dies

[edit] 100%

  • Headshots: Kill 5 enemies with a head shot
  • Mystery Gift: Destroy the trailers without being detected
  • Unmarked: Complete with minimal damage to health and armor
  • Perfect Gift: Destroy all trailers at once
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