Friend Request

This mission can be triggered by Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow the blue L icon on the minimap to Lesters house in La Mesa, once there head inside his house and he will talk to you about "rising from the dead". After a brief conversation, Michael tells Lester than he needs money, and so in exchange for Lester's services, he asks Michael to perform something for him. He gives Michael a rucksack and asks him to infiltrate the Lifeinvader offices in Rockford Hills. Inside the bag is a device to bug the Prototype which will be unveiled by CEO of Lifeinvader, Jay Norris on live television. Before heading to the office, Michael needs to "geek up" and buy clothes that will make him fit in. He goes to Suburban Clothing and picks out a jacket. Having purchased the clothes he needs, he heads toward the offices. Once at the office, Michael will sees programmer coming out, and offer his a lighter for his cigeratte. After the programmer has spoken to Michael he will ask him for a favour. This grants Michael access to the building. Once inside, the programmer will take you to his desktop in which he asks you to remove the spam that is appearing on his computer. Delete all the pop-ups to reveal the anti-virus software, click it, and remove the virus. Once removed, the programmer will tell Michael the location of the Prototype. Once in the room, Michael bugs the phone and leaves the building.

On the way back to his house, Michael rings Lester to tell him the phone has been bugged. Lester tells Michael that, while Jay announces the phone, to call it. Once at home and watching television, as Jay shows the phone to the audience, Michael uses his phone, selects the contact "Jay Norris" and calls it. Once called, the phone will ring on Jay's end and when he answers it, the phone explodes in Jay's face killing him in the process.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Unknown

[edit] 100%

  • Time: Complete within 08:30
  • Popups Clear: Clear all popups within 32 seconds

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