Fresh Meat

This mission can be triggered by Franklin  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Franklin receives a threatening phone call from a member of the Triad saying that they have taken Michael hostage and are torturing him. Screams can be heard in the background and the phone hangs up, Franklin has to go in and save Micheal himself as Trevor is nowhere to be found. Not knowing where to find them, Franklin managed to trace the location of the call via an app on his phone called Trackify.

By following the beacon that appears on the map, the player as Franklin is led to the location that the call came from. The location turns out to be a Meat Processing Plant. Once there, he climbs up a ladder and on to the roof of the factory building and takes a narrow pathway that leads him round to the front where two triad members are spotted. Franklin kills the two members, which can be done with either a stealth or "guns blazing" approach. Once the members are dead Franklin is assured he has the right location when he hears Michael scream from within the factory building.

After gunning down Triad members whilst making his way through the facility, he finds Michael alive and strung up by his feet with dead corpses swinging either side of him. Franklin throws Michael a Pistol and the option is prompted to switch to Michael or stay as Franklin.


Stay as Franklin and the gameplay will resume as normal, with him shooting down triad members as they burst into the room that Michael is being held hostage in.


If the player switches to Michael they will remain stationary in the upside-down position, shooting at triad members as they come through the doors into the room he is being held hostage in.

After all the triads are taken down, Michael lowers himself to the ground. As he is free is shown to be in a great deal of pain, wearing a bloodied vest and holding his side. They get away from the facility in a car with the triads on their tail.

[edit] Conditions of Failure

  • Trevor dies
  • Trevor gets arrested

[edit] 100%

  • Switch Limiter: Don't switch characters more than 3 times during mission.
  • Accuracy: Complete mission with a shooting accuracy rating of at least 70 percent.
  • Headshots: Kill at least 10 enemies using headshots.
  • Swift Rescue: Rescue Michael within 03:30.
  • Sense of Direction: Don't use a map waypoint.

[edit] Trivia

  • Fresh Meat is a similar mission to one that appeared in Liberty City Stories, called Dead Meat which also involved a Meat Facility and murder.
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