Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton
Full Name Franklin Clinton
Home Los Santos, Strawberry (formerly), Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Age 25 (2013)
Born April 9, 1988
Birthplace South Los Santos
Nationality American
Relatives Denise (Aunt)
Chop (Pet)
Status Alive
Affiliations Lamar
Trevor Phillips
Michael De Santa
Occupation Former Drug Trafficker
Armed Robbery
Gender Male
Height 6' 0" (1.83 m)
Weight 200 lbs (91 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Franklin is one of the main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V.


[edit] Background

Franklin (Born 9th of April, 1988) in South Los Santos with no money or education. At some point during his life he took up a life of dealing drugs and a gang banger but in 2008 at age 20, he was arrested for cocaine posession and carrying a concealed firearm. After being released from prison 5 years later he decided to leave his old life of petty crime behind and to become a smarter criminal by becoming his own boss and starting a subset of The Grove Street Families Gang called Forum Gangsters, Franklin needed guys he can trust so he recruited Lamar to run the subset with him in case he would get shot or locked up again, to oversee the activities of the gang and to make sure the drug business was still profiting if he wasnt able to be present for whatever reason. A few years passed and Franklin was arrested again and convicted at trial for murder, attempted murder on a law enforcement officer, carrying an unlicensed firearm and engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise. The judge sentenced him to 37 years to life in the San Andreas Department of Corrections. The Forum Gangsters lost their most valued leader, so Franklin immediately contacted the Triple OGs in the Families Set, and with one phonecall from the High Command Trevor was initiated into the Familes Gang as the official "hitta" (hitman) for Forum Gangsters his job would be to engage in shoot-outs, drive-bys, and gangland murders against their longtime enemy The Ballaz and to also commit homicides and knife or machete stabbings against the male and female members of other rival gangs such as the Mexican & El Salvadorian gangs Vagos and the marabunta grande to protect the GSF territory & reputation as the most ruthless gang in San Andreas while Franklin was incarcerated. Although Franklin was mostly locked up in a 23 hour a day isolation cell he was still able to communicate with other inmates in general population and sneak his cellular phone in. This allowed him to phone home, sneak drugs, knives, and cigarettes into the prison yard, and also check on Trevor, Lamar, his aunt Denise and the gang regularly from inside his cell. Because of Franklin's OG status he was able to call the shots inside and outside the prison and even order hits on outside enemy gang members from inside his cell, causing the opposing Ballaz gang to decline in members and made them think twice about starting a war to try and take back their territory. After hiring a new legal team and serving about 7 years in the Bolingbroke Federal State Prison an appellate court ruled the case a mistrial and all his charges were dropped meaning Franklin was exonerated and a free man once again. After his fourth release from prison Franklin would graduate from Triple OG to the upper echelons of organized crime and became one of the most feared and respected gang leaders in Los Santos

[edit] Personality

Franklin is described as being an ambitious young man and eager to take on new, and often illegal, new challenges. He also exhibits a lot of hope in the actions that he does, acting as a contrasting character to other protagonist Michael De Santa. He develops a strong relationship with Michael, often acting as a father-son duo.

[edit] Skills and Abilities

As a young adult Franklin has gathered a wide variety of skills throughout the various jobs he has done and has a level of physical strength that the other protagonists, Trevor and Michael lack. As a repo man at the Armenian Car Dealership he has become adept in stealing cars from unsuspecting owners and knows his way around the wheel of a car. He also has excellent aim with fire arms.

Like other protagonists, time will slow for Franklin when firing weapons and can slow down time while driving. These are purely from a gameplay perspective however.

[edit] Relationships

  • Michael De Santa: After meeting Michael during GTA V the two develop a close father-son bond. This was due to Franklin never having a family, therefore no father figure, while growing up and Michael having an estranged relationship with his own biological son Jimmy. Michael saw Franklin as a way to climb the ladder of the criminal world, and see using his expertise in the life to get bank into his old way of life.
  • Trevor: Trevor and Franklin initially don't get on and Trevor was even cautious about recruiting Frankling to help them on various jobs. His distrust of Franklin went deep enough for him to outright insult the relationship that had been fostered between Franklin and Michael. However Trevor develops trust toward Franklin and the two characters are able to get along.
  • Lamar: His relationship with Lamar is unstable, although mostly due to his manic nature. Lamar is one of a few people to bring Franklin back into the Criminal fray.
  • Simeon Yetarian: Simeon is Franklin's boss at the Armenian Arab Car Dealership who uses his business as a front for his repo sideline. He employs Franklin as a repo man but their relationship is poor due to Franklin rarely fulfilling his requests.
  • Chop: is Franklin's pet dog
  • Denise:
  • Tanisha:
  • Amanda:
  • Jimmy: Jimmy and Franklin don't really get along because the don't share the same thoughts and have completely different hobbies for example Jimmy is interested in video games but Franklin hates video games and is more serious than Jimmy
  • D:
  • Stretch:
  • Lester Crest:
  • Dave Norton:
  • Steve Haines:
  • Molly Schultz:
  • Devin Weston:
  • Tonya:
  • Hao:
  • Beverly:
  • Barry:
  • Mary Ann:
  • Dominic Beasley:

[edit] Early Life

At the age of 4 in 1992, Franklin's mother passed away from a cocaine addiction. Franklin was sent to live with his grandparents. At the age of 11 in 1999, he began selling cigarettes with Bradshaw, it was the beginning of his crime life. His grandfather eventually caught them. In late 2000, his grandfather passed away and in 2003 his grandmother passed away and he was sent to live with his aunt. They both moved into the house in Strawberry that was given to them in his grandmother's will. In September 2001, Franklin started high school. In 2004, He was expelled in his junior year after assaulting a teacher. This led to gang banging, carjacking, and robbery.

[edit] Reception

Dan Houser described Franklin:

"Franklin was the idea of this street hustler in the modern world where the glory days – if there ever were glory days of gang banging – had long since passed. When some of the illusions of this life have been shattered, what do you do now having been in that world? That seemed like an interesting character; a guy in his mid-to-late 20s who wants to move forward but doesn't really know how and is being held back by some of his more idiotic and dangerous friends. The idea with Franklin was someone stepping outside their comfort zone and their normal way of doing things, because that way, even though they're still in their mid-20s or whatever, that hasn't worked. That world that they thought they'd be in and be able to make a success of has, thanks to the modern world or the changes in the economy or whatever it is, just failed. It doesn't really exist. They're now looking for something new. A new opportunity. They've gotten their qualifications and gotten all their experience and all they're good at is driving and robbing. How do actually go forward and who do you get to a kind of mentor you? That was a good contrast. The gang-banger in the post-gang-banging world."

[edit] Trivia

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