This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Franklin

[edit] Walkthrough

Franklin meets Michael at his house, after the pair talk a while Michael promises to take Franklin to a local bar that he likes. As they are making their way through the house Michael gets a call from his son, Jimmy, telling him that some people he was intending to sell Michael's yacht to had just run off with it; Michael and Franklin get in the car and drive down toward where Michael's yacht is.

On the way, they see a truck carrying it cross their path and chase after it. Michael gets close to the back of the truck while Franklin climbs aboard. Switch to cinematic mode (O on PS3 and B on 360) as Franklin fights off the people located on it's back. After Franklin has faught his way up onto the boat, Michael then needs to shoot some of the people off of Franklin's back. Once there are no more people to skill Jimmy tries to make an escape but gets caught on the boon of the boat as it swings out above the road. Michael needs to get under Jimmy so he can fall into the back of the car. Once Jimmy is in the car, he then retrieves Franklin in a similar fashion.

Chasing after the truck still the engine of Amanda's car gives up and is slower with a smoking engine. Michael turns the car around, giving up on retrieving his yacht, and heads for an upgrade shop near Los Santos Airport. On the way their Franklin calls for a taxi to take Michael home once they arrive at the upgrade store, while Franklin and Jimmy get the car repaired. Once there, Michael gets in the taxi, giving a couple thousand dollars to Franklin to do up the car. Once the car is repaired and a few upgrades have been restored, they take the car back to Michael's house where Jimmy is dropped off, and the car, and Franklin leaves.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Franklin died.
  • Lose the truck
  • Franklin or Jimmy dies

[edit] 100%

  • Quick Catch: Rescue Jimmy in 10 seconds
  • Not a scratch: Deliver Amanda's car with no damage

[edit] Notes

  • Mod garages are now available
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