Fame Or Shame

This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow the yellow M that appears on the Map following the completion of "Friends Reunited", and it leads to the De Santa estate. The event can be triggered by either Michael or Trevor. It is recommended to switch to Michael to start the event, however, to get the entire story leading up to Trevor's entrance. Tension rises as Trevor appears in Michael's House, until Jimmy mentions that his sister is auditioning for a talent show called Fame or Shame.

Follow the yellow route to the Maze Bank Arena where "Fame or Shame" is being filmed. When you hit the destination marker, as you park the car one of the event coordinators will tell you that you can not park there, punch him in the face as a step toward 100% completion of the mission.

Climb the stairs of the arena and head inside, Trevor makes some enquiries to assertain the location of Tracy and the television show presenter Lazlow. Michael and Trevor arrive as Tracey starts her audition, they let her start her audition until it becomes too much for them to stomach and Michael pulls Tracey from the camera shot while Trevor deals with security as Lazlow runs for it.

Controlling Trevor, sprint out of the lobby and the arena into a nearby Fame or Shame truck, a Black Phantom semi and it's trailer. To unhook the trailer and provide more maneuverability press right on the D-pad, however keeping it attached is one of the gold objectives. Follow Lazlow's red car through the streets of Vinewood. You can't catch him while he is in his car, so just keep following him. Eventually Lazlow will try to shake you by going on to the train tracks that run alongside Bighorn Avenue, you can choose to mount the tracks with him or remain on the road, both are as effective. After more dodging traffic, Lazlow makes a leap for it into the Los Santos River Canal where, after a brief chase, his electric car runs out of power. Pulling up near his car triggers the final cut scene of the mission in which Michael and Trevor get pay back by making his dance on mobile video camera in his underwear.

As the mission ends you take control of Michael who phones his FIB contact Dave Norton to let him know that Trevor has found him, but Dave tells Michael that he needs to meet him at the Galileo Observatory as soon as possible.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Trevor loses Lazlow

[edit] 100%

  • Fastest Speed: Reach top speed in the Phantom
  • Bearing Down: Stay close to Lazlow during the chase
  • No, I can Park Here: Knock out the event coordinator
  • All Hooked Up: Don't unhook the trailer
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