Eye In The Sky

This mission can be triggered by Franklin  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Either Franklin or Trevor can start this mission after completing I Fought The Law. Devin Weston will require you to rob a Z-Type from its owner, Chad Mulligan. If you begin with Trevor, head to the Los Santos Police Department headquarters and approach the front desk. You'll be directed to the roof; look for a set of stairs at the end of the corridor past the doors marked "Locker Rooms." Head for the helipad and board Police Maverick helicopter.

Direct the helicopter to Franklin's location in the FIB Covington lot (by the oil derricks) by aiming the ID Scanner camera toward the blue triangle mark on the HUD; wait until blue brackets marking the location appear, then center the scanner crosshairs into them. Once you get close to Franklin, use the ID Scanner and you will be instructed to head to Hawick Avenue on Alta Street.

Continue to search for blue marks on the scanner HUD to direct the chopper to, and at this point you can (and should!) listen in on at least three different conversations to meet one of the requirements for getting a Gold ranking in this mission. Eventually you will need to locate your target, Chad Mulligan, having a conversation with a woman named Karina Pearl in an apartment courtyard off Hawick Avenue.

Follow his movements and track him using the scanner (don't worry if you get the "Target Lost" message when he goes underneath some balconies, just keep the camera trained in the general area and you will see him again when he re-emerges). Eventually he will head into an alley and be in front of a garage door, at which point Franklin will attempt to hold him up with a gun. Chad will instead race away in the Z-Type, with Franklin giving chase.

Keep the scanner focused on the Z-Type as best you can, allowing Trevor to relay directions to Franklin on the ground. Chad will eventually try to hide in a multilevel parking garage off Boulevard Del Perro.

At this point, follow the instructions to activate the scanner's thermal vision to track the heat signatures of anyone in the garage. Use it find Franklin waving to you in the middle level. To meet the next requirement for Gold, locate and identify Chad hiding to the farthest left without scanning anyone else in the garage.

You will then be put in control of Franklin, at which point you can choose to kill Chad or simply hop into the Z-Type and drive away. Take the Z-Type and make way to the Devin Weston Jet Charter hangar in the Los Santos International Airport to deliver the car to Devin. Head to the security gate to complete the mission.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Z-Type receives too much damage before reaching Los Santos International Airport.

[edit] 100%

  • Not a Scratch: Deliver the Z-Type car with minimal damage.
  • Eavesdropper: Listen to 3 conversations.
  • I See You: Find Chad's hiding place on your first attempt.

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