Epsilon Tracts

You can begin collecting the mysterious Epsilon Tracts after completing all eight Epsilon-related side missions in the game. There are a total of 10 Tracts to find throughout Los Santos and Blaine Counties.

None of the Tracts are required for 100% completion of the game. After finding a Tract, you'll be able to read its contents by following the links in the text messages sent to you by Marnie. Discover all ten Tracts for a particularly "enlightening" read.

Tract Location
1. - "We worship Kram where the earth reaches up to Kraff." Top of Mt. Chillad, on telescope platform
2. - "Where the first one of the fleet succumbed to the waves, there the message is seeded." Underwater on the ocean floor near a sunken paddle steamer, in the bay off the east coast near the Palomino Highlands
3. - "Where they sail from the North, they will find this offering." On island in Pacific Ocean furthest north from San Andreas
4. - "In the core of the mountain, where the blast is not felt, there you shall find it." In doorway near middle of tunnel running through Mt. Chiliad
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