Epsilon is a cult that appears in GTA 5. The Epsilon cult seems to really just be a fast way of making money. Epsilon is a Stranger and Freak for Michael. From what we know they are a cult(technically confirmed not be a cult) that seems to just want money as they make Michael spend a lot of money. Specifically donating 500 then 5000 then even more. Then a whole bunch of money for there robes. The current members that we do seem to know are Marnie a drug addict from GTA 4, Jimmy Boston a celebrity, Cris Formage leader of the Epsilon cult and a lot of other unnamed members. You never hear from the whole crew again no matter which option Michael chooses to do. Only Marnie will still appear and tell Michael to find the hidden Epsilon tracts.

[edit] Trivia

- If Michael chooses to take the money from the cult it would be the easiest to flee after getting in the car. If he goes down where all the other members are waiting then he will either die or he will just barely live as they are heavily armed. Also Michael should be heavily armed as well so at least he has a better chance. - It seems that the canon choice for Epsilon is taking the money due to Michael most likely wanting a refund for doing everything that he had to do and for wasting a lot of the money he has. - Marnie will no matter which way you choose contact him to find the epsilon tracts.

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