This mission can be triggered by Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Trevor and Michael create a scheme to steal from a train they that is carrying a mysterious payload which is thought to be valuable goods by the pair. Trevor heads off on his own to hit the train while Michael finds a boat. On the back of a dirt bike, Trevor follows the train down a country railroad, and boards it using a well placed ramp. From the carriage he landed his bike on, he climbs on top of the train and makes his way across the top of the carriages eventually getting to the front, knocking out the driver and assuming control of the train.

Trevor steers the train into the path of another, jumping out of the locomotive before the collision, into the Zancudo River below. After both trains are destroyed, Trevor meets Michael in the boat he had previous ascertained and uses explosives to open the container of the cargo in the water. The collision caught the attention of the security unit who are fought off by Michael and Trevor, a platoon which includes paratroopers and helicopters. After the mysterious cargo is obtained, the pair ride off on the boat, while Michael drives and Trevor fends off remaining security men.

Once they reach land, the two make their way into their own getaway vehicles and leave the scene separately.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • Both Trevor and Michael die
  • Both characters get caught by the cops

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete mission within 11:30.
  • Fastest Speed: Read top speed while on the Sanchez.
  • Better Than CJ: Land atop train on the your first jump.

[edit] Trivia

  • A scene from this mission was initially seen during the Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer in which Trevor is seen jumping from the bridge.
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