Dead Man Walking

This mission can be triggered by Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Whens switched to Michael after "Fame Or Shame", FIB Agent Dave Norton will ask Michael to meet him at the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills. Follow the blue 'B' icon that appears on the minimap and head around the outside of the observatory where Dave is leaning on a railing over looking the city of Los Santos, which will trigger a cut scene: Dave tells Michael that he suspects an informant known as "Mr. K" (Ferdinand K) is in possession of damaging intelligence about Dave and his Bureau superiors.

The Internal Affairs Agency (IAA), the counter part intelligence organization, claims that Ferdinand is dead and in a morgue, but Norton is sure that he is being debriefed somewhere by agency interrogators. Dave wants Michael to infiltrate the morgue and find out if Ferdinand's body is really there. Dave then hits Michael over the back of his head, knocking him out.

Michael wakes up in a body bag at the coroner's office in South Los Santos and hears the coronors discuss the body for a few seconds before they open up the bag and see Michael inside. The two will continue to talk whilst a prompt appears on screen to wake Michael up (X on PS3 and A on 360). This will cause Michael to attack the coroners and grabs some clothes before ducking out of site as agency men burst in to the morgue. When you gain control of Michael, activate Stealth Mode (L3) and sneak up behind the agency member and knock him, then take his gun - which is also equipped with a flashlight attachment.

Now you need to learn whether or not Ferdinand K is truly in the morgue or not. There are two bodies marked on the mini map in Autopsy Suite 3 across the hall. After inspecting two bodies, one of which has the Ferdinand toe-tag. Michael automatically calls Dave who informs Michael the agency now has the two lower floors of the morgue on lock down and tell you to go upstairs to the top floor where Michaels weapons are in a bag locked in the evidence room, after which to find a way out. After the conversation ends, Dave hacks in and cuts the power to provide additional cover.

Fight your way through the next corridor and past two more autopsy suites and a reception desk. Several agency members rush in to try and kill you, an onscreen info bubble will appear on screen informing you of Michael's special ability to slow time while shooting, which provides particularly effective in taking out multiple enemies in a short space of time. Some agencies rush in aggressively while some take cover, always make sure to keep an eye out for any hiding agency members.

Michael on the top floor
Reaching the door marked Fire Exit, head through it and go up the stairs to the next floor, making sure to be wary of the agent bursting through the door on the top landing. Then move across to the standard stairwell fighting your way through.

A yellow dot appears on the minimap to mark your new destination, a window in the archives room. First, clear the area of any agency members that can get in your way and move into the Foresics Lab, walk over to the black plastic bag on the floor and pick it up, this contains Michaels weapons. Now exit the forensics lab and move through the glass doors that lead to the archives room. When you see the window, shoot it and jump through. This will activate a cutscene in which Michael jumps out the window and into a dumpster full of rubbish at the bottom.

Carjack one of the two vehicles in the parking lot and take to the streets (Tip: Sporty Felon is more agile where as the Baller SUV is more durable). Your activies in the morgue give you an instant three star Wanted Level and as well as Police Cruisers chasing you, you've also attracted the attention of a Police Chopper too. Use evasive maneuvers until your wanted level is gone.

Once the police have been lost, Michael automatically calls Franklin and tells him to meet at the Murrieta Oil Field. Follow the Yellow route on the minimap. Dave Norton then calls Michael who says "there is a big target out there, something in the shadows" and wants to meet Michael in the Downtown plaza.

Arrival at the Oil field triggers a cut scene and ensues a long conversation between Michael and Franklin, who tells him about his deal with the Federal Government and the danger Trevor represents. Franklin still vows to help, regardless of the dangers in involved, for which Michael is grateful for and promises the kid a big score.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Michael dies
  • Michael gets caught by the police

[edit] 100%

  • Accuracy: Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%
  • Headshots: Kill 14 enemies with a head shot
  • Mission Time: Complete within 09:30
  • Focused Killer: Kill 4 enemies using Michael's special ability
  • Unmarked: Complete with minimal damage to health and armor

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