Daddy's Little Girl

This mission can be triggered by Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Michael is saat at home watching television when he hears Jimmy playing video games loudly in his room. Trying to drown out the sound of his son by turning up the television, Jimmy is still louder so he turns the TV off and goes to Jimmy's room where he grabs a chair and smashes his television screen. After a short argument, he says they need to bond a little more and so they head down to Vespucci beach to hire bikes. Once there, and the bikes are picked, the two bike down to Del Perro Pier, nearby to where Tracy is with her friends. Jimmy tells Michael that Tracy is on a boat just off the shore with porno producers and, in a rage, Michael jumps off the edge of the pier and swims toward the boat.

Following the tutorial on swimming and diving, Michael arrives at the boat where he throws the stereo off the boat, grabs his daughter, throws a member of the party off the boat, and heads off on a jet ski, pursued by two of the owners of the boat. Michael then needs to lose the two with Tracy on the back of teh Jet Ski. Once lost, Michael returns to the shore where Jimmy is waiting for him. Both Jimmy and Tracy, angry at Michael, head home on their own leaving Michael at the beach.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Michael or Tracy die

[edit] 100%

  • Fastest Speed: Reach top speed on the Seashark
  • Stabilizer: Don't fall of the bicycle
  • Faster than Fish: Swim to the boat within 01:00.
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