Chop (Mission)

This mission can be triggered by Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

Returning to Franklin's house, Lamar and Chop arrive and tell Franklin about the plan to kidnap a guy called D. They get in Lamar's Van and head to Downtown Vinewood where D is. After finding him talking to a woman, Lamar shouts at him and pulls out a gun, causing D to drive off on his motorbike. Lamar and Franklin run back to the van and pursue D.

Eventually, D gets knocked off his bike by a bus and continues running on foot at which point Franklin lets Chop out the back fo the van in pursuit. After going over and under various obstacles, they get to a train yard in which D is hiding. A Prompt then appears to switch to the PoV of Chop where you will sniff out various possible locations. Switching back to Franklin, search two of the containers, both of which are empty. Switch back to Chop, he runs off toward another dog out of the control of the player. Franklin chases after him and after switching back to Franklin, pulls Chop away from this other Dog. Four more possible locations of D appear on the minimap, search them and in one D will be there. He will try to escape by Chop will run him down.

After Chop has caught D, Lamar will appear with his van. On their way back to Franklin's house, Lamar calls the crew leder D belongs to and tells them that they have him. Annoyed, Franklin tells Lamar to hang up as they can trace the call to their location. Having no other option, when they arrive at Franklin's house, they let D go.

Franklin then takes Lamar to the Recreation Centre and the mission is finished.

[edit] Main objectives

  • Follow Lamar to the van
  • Drive to the alley at Vinewood Blvd
  • Chase D
  • Follow Chop and search for D
  • Take D toward Lamar's house
  • Drop off Lamar at the rec center

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Franklin or Lamar die
  • Lose the target

[edit] 100%

  • Not a Scratch: Complete with minimal damage to Lamar's van
  • Homedog: Enter Chops perspective for 10 seconds
  • Advanced Reflexes: User Franklin's special ability for 7 seconds
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