Casing The Jewel Store

This mission can be triggered by Michael.

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow the L on the mini map to La Mesa, where Lester will be waiting for you in the Darnell Bros factory. He will invite you to the office to sort out the details of the heist that is going to be pulled off. Lester acts you to case the joint that is going to be robbed, in this case its the Jewelry store Vangelico, located in Rockford Hills. Once there, Lester will give Michael special glasses fitted with cameras. Inside, Michael needs to take pictures of the jewelry, the ventilation, and security systems. Once that is done, Micheal leaves the store in search of access to the buildings roof to see where the ventilation system exits the building.

After going round the block, Michael and Lester come across building works. Michael goes inside and climbs up the ladders which lead to the roof. On the roof, Michael needs to find the highest access point in which to take the picture from. Following Lester's advice to climb to the North-West region of the buildings roof, he takes the picture of the ventilation system and climbs down from the building and heads back to the factory.

Back at the factory, Michael must then choose the crew that he wants to carry out the heist. Lester explains the higher the expertise, the higher the % cut each of them requires. Michael needs to choose a Getaway Driver, a weapons dealer, and a hacker to get them into the security systems. Michael can also choose either the "Smart" or "loud" approach for the upcoming heist. Once the selection is done, Michael leaves the factory and calls Franklin.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Unknown

[edit] 100%

  • Time: Complete within 08:00
  • Picture Perfect: Capture all three security features in one picture
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