Caida Libre

This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow the MZ on the map with either Trevor or Michael to trigger a meeting outside Martin Madrazzo's house, North-East of Los Santos in his estate called "La Fuente Blanca". Martin takes the two men inside and explains that his coustin, Javier, is conspiring to testify against him in court, and so he wants Michael to kill him. Javier will be flying to Liberty City with some sensitive files and it is Michael's job to shoot down the plane so that Trevor can retrieve the files from the wreckage.

After the cut scene has ended, you now control Michael. Get in Michael's car and follow the yellow route to the Galileo Observatory. Trevor drives off in his Canis Bodhi. Upon arrival, follow the blue dot on the map to the van with an anti-aircraft gun in the back. Get into the drivers seat to bring up the interface.

Anti-Aircraft Gun Interface
The interface creates a red targeting box to show the engine of the plane and automatically targets calculating the wind, distance, and speed in which the plane is flying. At first, your target will appear as a red dot on the left hand side of the interface, when you spot it zoom in and you'll see the red targeting box. Center the cross hairs on the interface within the red box and fire to take down the plane. Shoot it three times and the plane will start to descend, billowing smoke (managing to hit the plane three times without missing will result in 100%'ing the mission).

After the plane begins descending, switch to Trevor on the Sanchez. Once the plane has passed over him, start following it. Start down the dirt pass trail directly ahead, running north through Galileo Park. Follow the smoking trail left by the plane and when the path splits, just keep going North cross-country.

Now follow the Ravine downstream at full speed and then go up the ramp directly ahead and jump over the bus on the highway. Continue down the trail and through the tunnel under the Baytree Canyon Road. When you emerge you will see the plane crossing Senora Road below, then banking along Route 68. It will eventually veer northwards again flying low over the Sandy Shore airstrip which sets up Trevor for another stunt jump over a train. Eventually the plan will glide low over Sandy Shores and Grapeseed before crash landing in an open field.

Trevor gunning down Javier
Javier survives the crash so you gun him down. Approach the broken hatch of the cockpit which appears as a blue dot on the radar, to trigger a quick cut scene. Trevor crawls into the cockpit to retrieve the files and soon after Michael calls to confirm that the documents have been acquired. You automatically switch back to Michael at the Galileo Observatory.

Get in the can and get out of the area of the observatory, then stop and get out. When Michael emerges, he has carrying a Jerry Can with him. Pour it around the van in a circle, step back a distance and shoot the trail to destroy the van. You now need to make your way back to Madrazzo's house.

As you start on your way back, Trevor calls to tell you there has been a change of plans and gives you a new meeting place.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • Unknown

[edit] 100%

  • Floor It: Achieve top speed while on the Sanchez.
  • Glued to the Seat: Don't fall off the Sanchez during the chase.
  • One Two Three: Shoot down the plane in only three shots.
  • Mission Time: Complete mission within 09:45.
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