By The Book

This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Completing "Three's Company" unlocks a phone call from Agent Haines that comes about 2 - 3 minutes (real time) after you finish the mission. He will call either Trevor or Michael depending on who you are controlling at the time. If you answer the phone, the mission begins immediately when you hang up the phone - "By The Book" will appear and you'll get your first objective. You can make a quick trip by using the SWITCH to change to the character you are not currently play as out of Michael and Trevor. The initial cut scene at the start of the mission will differ depending on which character arrived first.

Trevor relieves himself as Michael arrives
Michael and Trevor enter together to find Agent Haines and Norton saying goodbye to a man named Devin Watson. After he leaves, Haines then pulls out Mr. K and hooks him up to an ECG monitor and lays out an assortment of interrogation instruments. As with previously, K insists that he knows nothing and is just a home electronics guy. He then speaks of a man in Rockford Hills that works at the consulate and that is all he knows. Haines sends Michael and Dave to target the individual while Trevor remains behind to gather intelligence from Mr K.

After the cut scene you take control of Michael. Get in the car with Dave and follow the yellow route to the destination marker in Rockford Hills. off Caesar Place. Upon arrival, it becomes immediately obvious that the man inside the target is the wrong one as he isn't Azerbaijani. SWITCH back to Trevor to get more intel.

In order to get 100% for this mission, all four torture devices must be used without Mr. K going into Cardiac Arrest (if he does, however, he can be "revived" with an adrenaline shot, but doing so will make you miss out on 100%). Start with the wrench. Pick it and use it as indicated on the screen. After being hit, Mr. K is asked by Haines about a man called Tahir Kerimov. K admits that he installed Kerimov's home theater and that he lives in Chumash. Haines then passes this via the phone to Agent Norton and you automatically switch back to Michael.

Trevor pulling out Mr. K's tooth
Michael and Dave are in a coffee shop when you switch back. Follow the yellow route to the Great Ocean Highway to Chumash. On the way, Norton and Michael will talk about the old days. When you arrive at the destination, park in the car park outside Robs Liquor. Michael and Dave take the sniper position on a hillock overlooking a row of beachfront houses. However, you need a description of the target. SWITCH back to Trevor.

Pick a different torture device, this time pick the Jerrycan to Waterboard Mr. K. When you finish, he describes him as having an average build, average height, and middle-aged. Steve relays that with "he's probably dark skinned too".

Pick yet another torture device, such as the electrified clips, and spark then (just for fun). Then clip them both on to Mr. K to electrocute him and he tells them that he is a bearded man.

SWITCH back to Michael and survet the beach houses for a bearded man. However, a lot of men in the houses have beards. SWITCH back to Trevor to obtain more information.

Mr. K remembers that Tahir chain smokes. Although good intel, Agent Haines wants more so Trevor needs to toture him again (for the last time). Pick the last remaining tool yet to have been used, the vice clamp, and follow the on screen controls to pull out one of Mr. K's teeth. Rotate the control sticks to pluck it out. Mr. K now remembers that as well as being a chain smoker, he smokes Redwood cigarettes and is also left-handed.

Michael identifies Tahir Kerimov
SWITCH back to Michael, and with all the information you need, find the target. Kill him with a head shot.

The scene automatically switches back to the warehouse where Steve is rushing off to a racquetball game and asks Trevor to deal with Mr. K stating he has "outlived his usefulness". However, Trevor helps him into his truck and takes him to the airport. Get in the truck and follow the yellow line to the Los Santos Airport and on arrival it triggers a cut scene as Trevor lets Mr. K go.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

  • Unknown

[edit] 100%

  • Don't Stop Me Now: Complete without Mr. K's heart stopping
  • Electrocutioner: Electrocute Mr. K
  • The Tooth Hurts: Pull out Mr. K's tooth
  • Wrenched: Hit Mr. K with a wrench
  • It's Legal!: Use waterboarding on Mr. K

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