Bury The Hatchet

This mission can be triggered by Michael  and Trevor

[edit] Walkthrough

Send Michael or Trevor into the living room of Michael's house in Rockford Hills. The two men discuss what the future holds. Then something strikes Trevor: who exactly is buried in Michaels Grave in North Yankton? When overwhelmed, he takes off to find out. Michael rushes after him.

If you had control of Trevor before the opening cutscene, follow the yellow route, a long drive up to Trevor's airstrip in Sandy Shores. On the way, listen to the conversation between Michael and Trevor. When you arrive at the airfield, get in the Cuban 800. Taxi the plane out of the hanger and then take off toward the yellow blip on the map over the water to the North-West. Reaching it triggers the cemetery cutscene.

If you were playing as Michael before the cutscene, run down the driveway and into the street to jack a car. Follow the yellow route to Los Santos International Airport. Michael calls both Trevor and Agent Norton on the way. Drive into the destination marker at the airport parking lot. Exit the car and follow the new yellow blip on the radar across the street and to the second level terminal entrance. Reaching it triggers a cutscene: Michael boards an airliner, followed by Chinese agents who call him "Boyfriend."

When you gain control again after the LSIA cutscene, Michael is driving a rental car down the North Yankton Freeway past a "Welcome to Ludendorff" sign - the same sign you saw in the prologue mission. Follow the yellow route down the highway, and through the town to the church and cemetery. Listen to the echoes of his memories as he drives there. After a short cutscene of Michael's arrival, walk around the church, past a lone car and proceed through the Ludendorff Cemetery gate. Follow the yellow blip to where Trevor is diving up Michaels grave.

This is where the two characters paths merge. Despite Michael's entreaty, Trevor continues his labor until he reveals the identity of the mystery person who is in Michael Townley's grave. The revelation is not unexpected, but it spurs Michael and Trevor into a classic face-off. Before a resolution is reached, an armed agent representing Mr. Wei Cheng interrupts the stand-off an Trevor flees.

You now control Michael (if you weren't before) who needs to battle this way through Cheng's men to the other side of the graveyard, back to the parking lot, and back to your rental car to escape. Solid crypts make the base cover; you can also hide behind gravestones however they get chipped away if shot. Kill anything that moves! Ue your radar to locate any threats.

After you nail the first two gunmen near the stairs, a van arrives carrying more. Get ready for a new wave of attackers . If you find the enemies are starting to overwhelm, activate Michaels special ability and get rid of them. When Michael eventually reaches his car, he finds it wont start and has been sabotaged by Trevor. Chengs men surround the rental car and Michael has no choice but to surrender.

You automatically switch back to Trevor flying toward Los Santos in his Cuban 800. Follow the yellow blip on the map that marks the location of his sandy shores airstrip. Trevor gets a call from Wei Cheng who says they have Trevor's "lover" . Trevor is no amused. Trevor also gets a text from Lamar who reports he and Franklin are planning to steal the last car for "the rich dude" Devin Weston and Lamar wonders is Trevor wants to join them. When Trevor plane reaches the destination marker, the mission is complete.

[edit] Conditions for failure

  • You die

[edit] 100%

  • Mission Time: Complete mission within 11:00.
  • Headshots: Kill at least 20 enemies using headshots.
  • Accuracy: Complete mission with a shooting accuracy rating of at least 80 percent.

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