Boiler Suits

This mission can be triggered by Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

Follow the Hs icon up to the Ammu-Nation store in the corner of Adam's Apple and Elgin. As you approach the entrance to the shop, a green dot will appear on the radar marking the location of the boiler suits and you get your first objective.

Enter Ammu-Nation and veer right and approach the boiler suits hanging on the wall to the right of the E-Cola vending Machine. Press the controls shown on screen and browse through the options until you get to the boiler suits.

Buy one for each of your characters. Be sure to purchase them within 30 seconds to get 100% on this mission, and to choose different colors.

Exit the store, as your character walks away he calls the others to report the purchase. Mission complete.

[edit] Conditions for failure


[edit] 100%

  • Quick Shopper: Purchase outfits within 00:30
  • United Colors: Purchase a different color for each character
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