Blitz Play: Intro

This mission can be triggered by Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

[edit] Walkthrough

This is a mission that requires very little on your part as a player and mainly acts to set up the Blitz Play mission that unlocks all the necessary prep missions. Steve Haines sends a text to all three characters and a new "B" icon appears on the map at the Merrieta Oil Field. You can send either of the three protagonists to the location; Covington Engineering Services. They meet Haines, Norton, and Andreas with another problem.

It turns out that the FIB want to steal from the IAA. This time the target is an armored truck filled with money take from drug sales. Steve wants you to "requisition" the funds for the Bureau. After the agents leave, Michael comes up with the "classic blitz play" routine. He lays out the general approach the team split up.

Soon Michael conducts a conference call with his two partners to divulge more details. This call unlocks the Heist set up missions, which appear on the map as Hs. You need masks, boiler suits, a trash truck, and a tow truck from the auto-repair place near the airport. You will also need a getaway vehicle. All three characters can complete any of the set up missions.

[edit] Conditions for Failure

You cannot fail this mission

[edit] 100%

There are no additional goals to complete

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