Beverly (born 1985- died 2013 (optional))is a guy who is apart of the paparazzi and also a Stranger and Freak for Franklin. He mainly is focused on getting good pictures of celebrities around Los Santos. At first he asks of two favors then eventually he will ask of you Franklin to takes pictures of two celebrities around town. The first one Miranda, then Poppy Mitchell, Then a Queen, and last Poppy once again. Note that after the last mission with him you can find him once again where he refuses to give Franklin the money while he is shooting some live action. You can kill him at this point to get a few hundred dollars back. The best way to kill him is with a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher(rpg).

[edit] Trivia

- He owns a car the has the license plate paparazzi but is spelled with also numbers. - He also owns a bike which he would let Franklin keep although it is the player's decision on whether or not they would keep the bike. - The canon ending is most likely killing him because of how Franklin wants money.

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