Bail Bonds

This mission can be triggered by Trevor.

Send Trevor to the orange "?" on the map in Grapeseed at the trailer at the end of Union Road. Trevor finds Maude under a covered porch. She is browsing on her laptop for potential bail bond jumpers with intentions of catching a few and making a quick buck.

She asks Trevor for assistance and tells him that she'll send him the bail jumpers files. As the cut scene ends, you receive a message that Bail Bond missions are now opened and that Trevor will receive emails from Maude with further details., Maude then becomes a new contact on Trevor's cellphone.

[edit] Bail Jumper 1: Ralph Ostrowski

You will find the first of the Bail Bond jumpers at the nearby quarry to Maude's house. She will send you the information you require. Set a destination marker to the location on Davis Quarry in the Grand Senora Desert. Half way there you will receive an email providing you with more information on the guy. Pull out your phone and read the email. The email will show you a picture of the target as well as an image of his last known location.

Bringing him back alive can be lucrative, however Sniping the target is by far the easier option to go with. Putting more energy and investing some more time in bringing him back alive will yield a greater reward from Maude.

When you spot the jumper, his icon on the map will change between red and blue, indicating he is a hostile target of one that should not be killed. This decision is up to you. If you decide to bring him in, then allow him to enter his SUV parked nearby and give chase. Shoot up his vehicle (if you can, aim for his tires) but make sure not to accidentally shoot him instead. Sooner or later, he will pull over, when he does get out of your vehicle and he will throw his hands in the air.

Once he has surrendered he will follow you into any vehicle (aslong as it can accommodate more than one person). You don't need to keep your weapon pointed at him for him to move, he will just follow you. Get in the car and go back to Maude's.

When you capture a live bail jumper, return him to Maude. Trevor throws the suspect into the trailer and slams the door. Maude will then pay you $10,000 and sends the next targets info and last known location. Upon returning the first back to the trailer, you will recieve the "Wanted: Alive or Alive" Trophy/Achievement.

[edit] Bail Jumper 2: Larry Trupper

The second Bail Jumper is a friend of Johnny's. He is hanging out with some friends at the abandoned farm in the Great Chaparral / Grand Senora Desert area on an unnamed dirt road between Senora Road and Baytree Canyon Road.

If you observe the target through the scope of a Sniper Rifle from a distance, you can find him standing close to the barn doors. Another guy stands to the right of him near the barn window. Three others are inside near the pick up truck. If you shoot at them, they all attack and the bail jumper flees. The best way to approach this is to kill all three buddies first, starting with the ones in the truch since they're literally sitting ducks, then approach the bail jumper and take him down with a Stun Gun. If you don't have a Stun Gun, chase him down before hitting him. Before you leave the area, get the letter scrap on the nearby billboard. Once apprehended, take him to Maude to collect the reward and next assignment. Along the way you learn that Larry and Trevor know each other quite well, but Trevor won't let him go when there is money involved.

[edit] Bail Jumper 3: Glenn Scoville

Glenn is a daredevil who likes parachuting from Mountainsides. Go to the top of Mount Chiliad where the skylift ends and walk down the dirt road just south of the lift platform and continue to walk south along the southern slope to find two guys at the edge of the mountain. There is no way to capture this guy before he parachutes off the edge. Grab the extra chute next to his friend who is filming and jump off the side of the mountain, giving chase. Pull the ripcord and follow the bail jumper. Glenn will make it all the way to the edge of the Alamo Sea just beyond North Calafia Way. If you time the landing and use precision landing mode (R1 + L1 on PS3 or RB + LB on Xbox 360), you can land and tackle the fleeing bail jumper - this is done via a cutscene. Failing that use a stun gun and buzz him. Take a vehicle from North Califia Way and take him to Maude to collect the reward and one last assignment.

[edit] Bail Jumper 4: Curtis Weaver

Curtis, the last Bail Bond Jumper, is a hobo that can be found in a hobo camp off East Joshua Road in Mount Chiliad. Enter the camp and take cover behind a crate. When you get near everyone scatters and the target starts shooting. Try and hit him with a stun gun.

If he runs, he's going to head behind the hills. Give chase and stun him when you get within shooting range. When he surrenders, have him follow you to the nearby Great Ocean Highway, steal a vehicle, and return to the camp and use your vehicle to deliver him to Maude.

Return the fail Bail Jumper and you learn that she dreams that beyond her current position in life; she wants a husband, a dog, and a picket fence. Say your goodbyes and collect your final payment from Maude.

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