Assassination Missions

This mission can be triggered by Franklin.

Assassination Missions are Franklin-exclusive missions for Lester that are triggered after the completion of the mission "Fame Or Shame". Lester will be found in various locations around the city of Los Santos. Take Franklin to a blue "L" that appears on the map to trigger the start of the mission.

[edit] Assassination Missions

Mission Location Prerequisite
Hotel Assassination Del Perro Pier "Fame Or Shame"
The Multi Target Assassination LTD Gas Station, Little Seoul "Hotel Assassination" and "The Merryweather Heist"
The Vice Assassination San Andreas Avenue, Pillbox Hill "The Multi Target Assassination" and "I Fought The Law"
The Bus Assassination Vinewood Sports, Hawick Avenue "The Vice Assassination"
The Construction Assassination Liquor Mart, corner of Supply & Popular Streets "The Bus Assassination"

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