Arms Trafficking: Ground

After completing the mission "Nervous Ron" properties become available for purchase, including the hanger in which Trevor finished the mission. Purchasing the McKenzie Field Hanger grants access to undertake trafficking missions for Oscar, whom you meet after making the purchase.

Arms Trafficking: Ground is initiated by entering the BF Dune Buggy parked next to the McKenzie Airfield Hanger in Grapeseed.

You receive $5000 + Bonus for each mission completed. There is no end to the mission strand, however there are five unique ground arms trafficking mission scenarios.

[edit] Arms Trafficking Ground 1

Lose Rivals

[edit] Arms Trafficking Ground 2

Eliminate Rivals

[edit] Arms Trafficking Ground 3

Lose Late Rivals

[edit] Arms Trafficking Ground 4

Eliminate Rivals Before Drop Off is Reached

[edit] Arms Trafficking Ground 5

Ambush Rival & Helicopter

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