Arms Trafficking: Air

After completing the mission "Nervous Ron" properties become available for purchase, including the hanger in which Trevor finished the mission. Purchasing the McKenzie Field Hanger grants access to undertake trafficking missions for Oscar, whom you meet after making the purchase.

The Air Arms Trafficking is performed in a Cuban 800 Airplane which is parked inside the hanger.

You will receive $7000 per shipment before any bonus money is applied. Enter the plane to begin the mission and receive instructions from Oscar as to what need to be done. There will be five unique Air Trafficking scenarios to play out. In order to unlock the next one you need to first complete the one before it. For example to gain access to Arms Air Trafficking 2, you must first complete Arms Air Trafficking 1.

In order to trigger the next mission, complete the accompanying Arms Trafficking: Ground misision, then leave the area.

[edit] Arms Trafficking Air 1

Arms Drop Off / No Altitude Restrictions

[edit] Arms Trafficking Air 2

Arms Drop Off / Altitude Restriction

[edit] Arms Trafficking Air 3

Bomb Drop / No Altitude Restriction

[edit] Arms Trafficking Air 4

Bomb Drop on Plane & Boat

[edit] Arms Trafficking Air 5

Carpet Bombing

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