Wanted Level

In Grand Theft Auto V various actions that the player makes in-game will cause them to raise their Wanted Level. The Wanted Level ranges from a One to Five star rating system and, simply put, the more violent the actions performed, the higher the wanted level against the character is; and the higher the wanted level is, the less likely the player is to escape.

If you, as the player, are captured then you will return to your last save point in the game if killed, or the nearest police station if arrested. If during a mission you are killed it will be restarted or start again at the nearest checkpoint.

The Wanted Level rises when a violent action is performed in the vision of a non-player character, and the more serious and more violent the action the quicker the wanted level increases. One example is assaulting a Police Officer will give a higher wanted level than assaulting a pedestrian.

On occasion the Wanted Level system plays a part in various Missions, some will require you to not obtain a Wanted Level at all, some may require you to not go above a certain Wanted Level, and some may even require you to maintain a full Five-star Wanted Level. It is worth noting that during missions, on occasion performing actions such as killing a pedestrian may not produce a wanted level at all, or at least not as one as severe as it should be, where as they would any other time.


[edit] One Star

One star is the least extensive response by the police. These are triggered by performing acts such as:

  • Fighting / killing pedestrians
  • Shooting in public
  • Causing explosions in public

However, non-violent acts can also bring the wanted level up to a one star rating, one example is stopping behind a patrol car and beeping your horn or standing too close to a police officer for a period of time after being asked to move.

[edit] Actions

  • Police shoot if threatened with a vehicle or weapon
  • At night, Police Helicopters will track you in a spotlight
  • Police try to arrest you. If arrested, you restart your game from the nearest police station and are penalized by losing some of your cash and all of your ammo.
  • If the pursuit ends in your death, the financial penalty will be greater than if you had been arrested
  • Police try and establish a line of site, either by foot or in a vehicle. These are shown as sight cones on the radar and are best avoided.

[edit] Vehicles Used

[edit] Two Star

After obtaining a one star rating, it can progress to two star by doing the following actions:

  • Hitting a civilian or another car with your vehicle
  • Lengthy pursuit by the police
  • Threatening Police with a weapon
  • Trespassing into Bolingbrook Penitentiary
  • Avoiding arrest or death while remaining in line of sight of the police

[edit] Actions

  • A solitary police officer calls for back up
  • Police fire on you regardless of whether or not you have a weapon out
  • Police try to establish line of site, either by foot or police cruiser
  • When pursuing in cars, police drive more aggressively and faster than in a one star wanted level
  • Police attempt to block your vehicle with police cruisers
  • Shooting or killing a police officer instantly results in a three star wanted level

[edit] Vehicles Used

[edit] Three Star

Shooting of Killing a police officer instantly results in a three star wanted level. As does trespassing on Los Santos Airport's tarmac area.

[edit] Actions

  • Police officers shoot to kill. If the helicopter spots you, other police patrols in the area will relocate their searches for you.
  • Police display tactical awareness of their environment and move to locations to get a better line of sight on you.
  • Police cruisers drive more aggressively and try to ram your vehicle
  • The extent of the police response pursuing you is increased
  • Two police sharpshooters fire at you with assault rifles from the doors of the helicopter

[edit] Vehicles Used

[edit] Four Star

Continue to fight on a three star wanted level will raise it to four stars. It is also given if you:

  • Trespass on Zancudo Army Base
  • Trespass on Humane Research Company grounds

[edit] Actions

  • Police and FIB pursue you. They shoot to kill.
  • FIB agents open fire at you from the passenger seats of their vehicles
  • Heavily armored and armored police officers arrive on the running boards of the FIB sport utility vehicles
  • Response teams use hand signals to co-ordinate with one another
  • if you go down alleyways or enter a building interior, police or FIB will continue to chase you, using tactics and working as a group.
  • Tear Gas to flush you out from hiding
  • Unengaged helicopter sharpshooters lend support to ground officers by rappelling from airborne choppers or disembarking from landed choppers. This is done particularly in remove areas away from roads.
  • The extent of the police response pursuing is increased

[edit] Vehicles Used

[edit] Five Star

Continued antagonization of the police and FIB during a four star wanted level will earn a five star wanted level, resulting in the most extensive of the police response.

[edit] Actions

  • Multiple helicopters pursue you
  • Police and FIB try to disable you with gunfire
  • Police and FIB drive aggressively in attempts to disable your vehicle by causing it to spin out or inadvertently rear-end a response vehicle.
  • Large number of police and FIB make it very difficult to traverse the city unopposed and undetected.
  • NOOSE agents set up road blocks randomly

[edit] Vehicles Used

[edit] Losing a Wanted Level

The first thing to do is to get away from the scene of the crime, in most cases a few blocks distance between you and it will suffice. No matter the wanted level the police will thoroughly check out the scene of the crime. You can instantly lose the highest rating by respraying your vehicle at a mod shop so long as the police don't see you enter it.

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